Lesson 1.5.2 – American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 5, Lesson 1.5.2. Today we will work on your English listening and reading comprehension via 3 of our Conversation Topics for English Learners activities.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Many people say the most important thing you can have is good health. You can have all the money in the world, but if you have poor health you’d prefer being healthy over being rich. Imagine participating in different conversations in English revolving around the topic of health. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are some suggestions:
— You’ve been feeling some stomach pain lately and are in the middle of a phone call with your doctor’s office. What would you tell the nurse? What would the nurse tell you?
— It’s been a year since you last had your yearly physical exam with your primary doctor. You’re now in front of your doctor, and he’s asking you questions. What would you tell your doctor? What would your doctor ask you?
— You watch a television commercial about vitamins that help give you more energy. Imagine discussing these vitamins with your family. What would you say to your family? What would your family say to you?
Being able to have a conversation about your health in the English Language is an important skill. Make sure you think about your health and practice speaking about it in English with others.

Part 2: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Many people are avid fans of sports. Whether you love Cricket in India, football in the United States of America, or hockey in Canada, you’re considered a sports fan. You don’t have to be a sports fan to participate in conversations in English about sports. Imagine what would you talk about in English with other English speakers on the subject of sports. Here are a few suggestions:
— You are at a basketball game and you want to know which teams are playing. What would you ask the person next to you? How would that person respond?
— You’re at a park and your friends are playing baseball. They need one extra player and ask you to play. What would you ask your friends? What would they tell you?
— You’re at home watching the Olympics with some friends. What would you talk about?
While not everyone may be a big fan of sports, it’s always helpful to be prepared to speak in English about the sports you enjoy or find interesting.

Part 3: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again. Finally, add a comment about what you learned from Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the comments section below.

Asking for directions when you’re lost or unsure of your location is something you need to do in any language. Imagine you are in the United States and you have to communicate in the English language. How would you ask for directions? How would others respond? Here are some suggestions:

— You’re driving on a highway but you’re not sure if it’s the right one that leads to your destination. You stop at a gas station and ask the attendant. What would you say? What would the gas station attendant say?

— You’re walking down a busy street and want to know where the bus station is. You stop a person walking in front of you and ask. What would you ask? What would that person say?

— You’re at a train station and need to find the train that goes to San Francisco at 9:00 AM. You stop by the ticket office and ask for help. What would you ask? What would the ticketing agent say?

Don’t be shy when asking for directions. It’s better to know where you’re going than be lost and not know what to do.

19 thoughts on “Lesson 1.5.2 – American English Lessons with Maestro Sersea”

  1. Hello.
    Part 2. Sports.
    At a basketball game:
    – Hello.
    – Hello.
    – The team wearing in red is Chicago Bulls?
    – Yes, of course, they are the players.
    – Okay, thanks.
    – Sure!
    At a park:
    – Hey! Nelson. Would you want to joint? We need one extra player.
    – Okay! Let’s play.
    – Come in!
    At home:
    – What games our country has opportunity to take gold medals?
    – Well, the question is if we have some opportunity.
    – Is it a joke? We ha opportunity in Boxing, in swimming, and others.
    – Yes, it’s a joke.
    Part 3. Asking for Directions.
    At a gas station:
    – Excuse me.
    – May I help you.
    – Yes please, I go to the downtown, is that the right way?
    – Sure, that it is.
    – Thank you.
    On a street:
    – Excuse me. May you help me?
    – Of course. What would you need?
    – Where’s the bus station?
    – Go straight ahead for two blocks and the bus station is crossing the street.
    – Thank you so much.
    – You’re welcome!
    At a train station:
    – Good morning.
    – May I help you?
    – Please, could you say me where do I find the train goes to San Francisco at 9?
    – Yes, it’s at C gate.
    – Thank you.
    – You’re welcome!

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hello,


    Lesson 1.5.2

    Every time I meet my friend and after greeting each other we used to ask for health because there is nothing more precious than the health, even the money can’t buy good heath. I hope good wealth for everyone.
    when I encounter my friends we always bring up some daily life subjects such as shopping, go out on vacation, sports, travel, etc..
    these conversatios would enrich my knowledge and improve my speaking and communication skills.

    practicing conversation with people help me to know how to ask in English, when I was lost, for places or directions where I’m going.

    thank you so much


  3. Hello teacher,
    The first dialog is about health and its important things for us in life. It’s definitely important to be healthy even you are rich or not.
    The second dialog is about sports that I did as a soccer player and coach for about 35 years like the pro.
    Sports give you physical and mentally healthy to living excellently juicy. Both dialog 1 and 2 related together because the sport that you practically do, gives it to you as best healthy too.
    The third dialog is about the direction and how we can find a destination if we are in some situation that with don’t know there. How we can ask people and I think today it is easy to find it by the internet. Google Maps or some Apps then can find any distenation.
    Thank you
    Hadi AJ

  4. Hi, this is Wilber from Nicaragua.

    Health care:
    I agree with the idea that health is one of the most important things we have.
    If we are in good health we can work and get money to enjoy it with our family; We can enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends; We can enjoy a trip to nearby places Or we can travel to other cities. Unless we have good health We won’t be able to fully enjoy all the beautiful things that life has for us. This is why it’s very important to take care of what we eat; the exercise that we do and how many hours we do rest.

    Talking on sports:
    I am not a fan when it comes to sports. However I understand that sometimes we need to be prepared to talk about different topics with different people. So, when I have to meet with a person who loves sports I would read or watch sports news on TV beforehand. In this way I have enough information, at least for starting a conversation.

    Asking for directions:
    I have been lost several times in the past. Since I have normally worked outside my city (in six different cities), most of the time I am asking for directions. The most common questions that I asked are: Do you know how to get X place?; Is that a safe place?; Is there a store nearby; Do you know how much the ticket costs? (Even though in my country most of the transportation services don’t give you a ticket; You pay the cost for the transportation directly to a guy called “the helper” Which can help you with your suitcases or bags; and helps the people to get on and get off the bus or van (no trains in my country).

    I am sorry; I think I typed too much

  5. -Sorry i have stomach ache.Is there a free term with a doctor to day to come for an examitation?
    Yes od course you have frre term at 11:30 a.m.
    Thank you very much.
    -Good morning.I come to do it yearly physical exam.
    Ok.Have you had any health problems during the year?
    No i didn’t, actually just a litlle cold.
    -Look this is a great vitamins complex for immunity and energy.We have to buy them.Yes we will buy them.
    -Sorry which teams are playing?
    Serbia end Italy are playing.
    -Hi Danijela.Do you want join with us playing basball ?
    Yes it’s great idea but i’m not good player like you.
    It doesn’t matter maybe you have a hidden talent.Let’s playing.
    -Great night we watching Olimpics and injoying.
    We watching athletics.
    -Please i need help.I’m not sure is this highway leads to Los Angeles?
    Yes, just keep driwing.
    Thank you very much.
    -Sorry where is the bus station?
    Just go straight down the street after frst intersection there is bus station.
    Thank you very much.
    -Sory.From wich platform the train for the San Francisko departs 9 e.m.?
    The train departs from platform 3.
    Thank you for good lesson.

    1. Danijela,
      Great job here. Here are a few corrections: “is there an opening to see the doctor?”, …”complex vitamins”, “Serbia and Italy”, “driving”, “from which platform does the train for San Francisco depart at 9 a.m.?”

  6. Hello, teacher!
    Part I
    -I have a terrible stomach ache. I feel very bad. I would like to make a appointment to see the doctor, please.
    -I have an opening at 2.30 this afternoon.
    -We ‘ll see very soon. Thank you! Goodbye!
    -Hello, I come to do it yearly physical exam.
    – Ok, I only recommendating you to take D vitamin for essential for your health.
    -When should I come back for another visit.
    -Contact you with the information ‘s office.
    Part 2
    -Which teams are playing?
    -Albania and italia are playing.
    -Thank you.
    – You’re welcome.
    -We need one extra player do you want to playing.
    – Ok but I ‘m not a good player.
    3. We are watching the Olympics . Great night .
    Part 3
    1. -Can you help me?
    -Yes, I can. I want to arrival in Los angleles. Is this highway leads to Los Angeles.
    -Yes, yuo are ok.
    -Thank you.
    2. I’m sorry, where is the bus station?
    -Over there.
    -Thank you!
    – You are welcome.
    3. I‘m sorry. I need to find the train that goes to San Francisco at 9:00 AM
    You have to go to platform 3.
    -Thank you
    Thank you very much!

  7. Part 1. Health
    I) I’ve certaily had a stomachache lately. What could you recommend me
    Well, first of all, I’m going to give you an appoinment with your doctor. Then he will tell you what to do.
    II) Hi Nelson, nice to see you again. Tell me, how have you felt this last year.
    Hello doctor, I’ve generally been feeling fine. I just have felt an stomach pain lately
    III) It’s good to take vitamins to have more energy. That’s true but not in all cases. If people are healthy, they just need an adecuated diet. Vitamins supplements are needed when somebody suffer some disorders such as anemia and have a poor diet, but ultimately it is best to see the doctor

    Part 2. Sport
    I) At the basketball game
    -Oh, I find this game very interesting. What teams are playing?
    – Minessota vs New york.
    – which team is winning?
    – New York with 104 points over Minessota that has 102. The game has been very exciting.
    II) At the park.
    – Hi, brother. Would you like to play with us. We need anothe player
    – ummm, ok. But give me 5 minutes; I have to warm up my body, first.

    III) Watching the Olympics games.
    – These olympics are very exciting and competitived, it isn’t?
    – Yes, that’s true. Especially baseball and gymnastic.
    Part 3. Asking for directions.
    – Please, excuse me. I’m going to Yellowstone Park but I’m not sure which is the way. Could you help me please?
    Yes, of course I could. You follow the highway, then approximately 54 km ahead, you’ll find a sign indicating the yellowstone park directions. You must take that route and will arrive to the park without any problem
    II) Looking for the bus station.
    -Excuse me Sir, could you help me, please. Where is the bus station. I’m going to the Central Park.
    – sure. You go ahead, when arrive to the japanese restaurant turn on the right. You wiil find the bus station in two blocks

    III) excuse me, I’m going to San Francisco, where can I buy the ticket please?

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