Hello students. I am very proud of you. You did it! You finished Year 1 of your American English studies! Congratulations for finishing Year 1 of American English with Maestro Sersea. In order for you to continue to Year 2 of your American English studies, you need to complete the form below, then check your email for an automatic follow-up message.  Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see the Follow-Up message in your Inbox. 

Year 2 includes more advanced English lessons which will be more challenging.  I urge you to pay close attention to all the English lessons I send you. It is very important that when you receive your weekly American English lessons via email,  you click on the links and complete all the assignments.  Simply looking at the emails you receive will not help you learn English. Please understand that students who are not actively learning in this English class will be automatically disenrolled without warning. 

Best wishes and good luck with your studies.

Maestro Sersea

Please sign-up for Year 2 below:

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26 thoughts on “End of Year 1 Message”
  1. I have learnt alot in this lessons.
    Am grateful for this opportunity given to me to sign up to level 2.

    1. Thank you so much for your English course. I improved a lof of my English from your teaching.
      Wish you good health and stay safe. l strong commit to stuying English with till I become user of English for my carer.

  2. This is an excelent course, I like it very much.Thank you Maestro Sersea.I will gladly continue my relationship with you and study.

    1. Hello everyone,
      I’m glad to register again for second year in English learners with our professor Maestro Sursea.

    2. Hello there,
      Learning American English under Maestro Sersea’s guidance during a year was really wonderful. Hope this new season of Learning I’ll be more independent and skillful in exploring in unlimited English world.
      Best wishes for you and our students group.

  3. Estoy muy agradecida por las clases de Inglés. Aprendí mucho. La metodología es muy buena. Me gustaría seguir estudiando en el segundo año.
    Muchas gracias Maestro Sersea.

  4. Hello,
    I am very happy to complete year one of your English caurse. I am proud of starting an other year with you
    Thank you so much

  5. Hello Maestro Sersea, your lessons mean a lot to me to improve my English. I would like to continue to receive lessons. Thank you very much. Regards S.

  6. First of all thank for e mail all lessons .
    I spent a good time with you.
    And I learned a lot of lessons from this channel.
    And again thank for all.

  7. Dear Maestro Sersea
    During this year I learn a lot with you and I improve my English. I will be greatful to continue with your course
    Best regards

    1. Dear Maestro Sersea,
      I learned a lot and i want to continue learning with you.
      Great help.
      Thank you very much

  8. Dear my teacher thank you so much, I learnt a lot of things in this one year . you are very kind , I’m proud that you are my teacher.

  9. Hello everyone,
    Once again I’d like to continue year two of American English language with our excellent teacher, Maestro Sersea.
    Best regards

  10. Learn american english is a good opportunity for the future and improving language ,pronounce and many more, here almost people hope în some better în future .I bring my honestly gratitude for maestro sersea here

  11. Thank you so much for your deep interest to improve our English language with free. Please don’t give up to help others as you are doing for us. Emaelaf.

  12. We learned a lot of things regarding to our English lessons and with our instructor’s deep interest and willingness plus with free. Thanks. Emaelaf

  13. Thank you so very much, I learned a lot. The way you teach us is amazing and interesting. Without having any pressure I feel a lot of improvement in my English language. I would love to be your student in the future.

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