Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 12 Of 52

Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: Hello! Washington, D.C. has many beautiful parks. In fact, this park reminds me of my home very far away.

Marsha: Anna, here’s your coffee.

Anna: Thanks, Marsha.

Marsha: What’s wrong?

Anna: I’m thinking about my family. I’m feeling homesick.

Marsha: Do you want to talk about it?

Anna: Sure! I have some photos.

Marsha: Yes. Yes, you do!

Anna: Photos really help.

Anna: This is my mother and this is my father. They are rodeo clowns.

Marsha: What do rodeo clowns do?

Anna: They make jokes at a rodeo. They make people laugh.

Marsha: That-That’;s very different.

Marsha: Who is that woman in the picture?

Anna: That is my Aunt Lavender. She is my mom’s sister. She loves gardening and makes spoons.

Marsha: She makes spoons?

Anna: Of course.

Marsha: That, too, is very different.

Anna: Oh! This is my Uncle John. He is my father’s brother.

Marsha: What does Uncle John do?

Anna: He’s a chicken farmer. And makes guitars. He’s awesome, and I’m his favorite niece.

Marsha: Who are they?

Anna: They are my cousins. They are my Uncle John’s daughter and son.

Marsha: What do they do?

Anna: They raise sheep and make sweaters.

Marsha: Yeah, that’s not a surprise.

Marsha: Thanks for showing me your family photos. Your family is very different.

Anna: I do feel better. Thanks for listening. I have many more photos!

Marsha: Yeah. Yeah, you do.

Anna: Washington, DC is my new home. But I like remembering my old home, too.

Anna’s Family Tree

This is a family tree. Anna tells Marsha about her parents.

Her mother and father are rodeo clowns.

Her father’s parents are from Italy. These grandparents speak Italian.

Anna’s mother’s parents live in California. These grandparents have a farm and raise horses.

Anna’s mother’s sister is Aunt Lavender. She loves gardening.

Anna’s father has a brother. His name is John. Uncle John makes guitars.

Uncle John has a daughter and a son. They are Anna’s cousins. They raise sheep.

Anna’s brother has two children. They are Anna’s niece and nephew.

Part 4: Watch the “Meet my family” Video Lesson

Hello, English Learners. Do you have a big or a small family? Do you live with your family or away from your family? Here’s Lesson 12, “Meet My Family” for you to closely learn from and discuss with us via our comments section at the bottom of this page.

Part 5 – Take the “Meet my family” Lesson 12 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “Meet my family” Lesson 12 Online Quiz

28 thoughts on “Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 12 Of 52

  1. Hello,
    This is Albertine
    I learned many vocabularies in above dialogues between Anna and Marsha,
    Pronounciation and the meaning of some words as well as family relationships.
    My online score was 5/5
    Thank you

  2. Good Afternoon.
    Now I can say my brother’s wife’s mother name is Kaki.
    Thank for this class.

  3. Helo. I’m Danijela.
    I was practicing this lesson several times and I improved my vocabulary.
    Very interesting dialogue with Ana and Marsha about Ana’s family tree.
    My score in the quiz was 5/5.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  4. I obtained full marks in my quiz of ” family tree”. this a very good exercise, I learned some new words like ” homesick, raise sheep, rodeo clown . many many thanks.

  5. My family story.
    My granpa and grandma on my father’s side were born in Italy. They came to Brazil in the late 1800’s and then went to work in farms as rural workers. Later in the middle 1920’s they bought a small ranch and began planting coffee and raising cattle. They formed a family with my father and six sisters. All of them working in the ranch and only allowed to leave it after getting married. In the end, around the 50’s, having not anymore people to run the business, my granpa sold the ranch, bought a house in the city and we moved away. Nowadays all of them passed away and rested only my brother and me.

  6. Hi!! Maestro Sersea ,I lernered maní words and I practicing several time the family tree, My score was 5/5 thank you so much

  7. Hello everyone, in this lesson I learned how to speak with someone who feels homesick and misses her his family I pleased from my God that I live with my parents friends and family. Thanks for your email

  8. Hello!
    Today, I was learnt a lot which were vocabularies, pronunciations and family tree. I took the quiz and I got 5 out of 5.Thank you for your teaching.

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