Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Caty: Come in.

Caty: Well, Anna, welcome.

Anna: Thank you.

Caty: I am your boss, Caty Weaver. But, please call me Caty.

Anna: Thank you, Ms. Weaver.

Caty: Just Caty.

Anna: Sure thing, Ms. Weaver.

Caty: Okay then. Are you excited?

Anna: Yes, I am excited!

Caty: So sorry, but I am busy. Please meet your co-workers. But remember, they are busy working.

Anna: Sure. Thanks, Ms. Weaver.

Anna: Hi there! I’m Anna.

Anne: Hi, Anna. I’m Anne.

Anna: Nice to meet you. What are you doing?

Anne: Um, I’m writing.

Anna: You are writing! You are writing a lot!

Anna: (Spills papers) Oh! Oh dear.

Anne: No! No! That’s okay.

Anna: I am sorry!

Anne: That’s okay. Really.

Anna: I am sorry!

Anne: Please. Please. Please stop. Please.

Anna: Sorry. Sorry.

Jonathan: (in the studio) “and people all around the world are waiting to hear news about the next president…”

Anna: Jonathan, hi! Remember me? I live in your building.

Jonathan: Oh. Uh. Hi, Anna.

Anna: What are you doing?

Jonathan: I am doing my show!

Anna: Oh, sorry. Are you recording?

Jonathan: Yes! And, now I have to record again!

Anna: Sorry. Have a good show.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Anna: Sorry.

Amelia: The word of the day is social. Social –

Anna: Oh! Hi!

Amelia: – is an adjective.

Anna: Hi! I’m Anna!

Amelia: Hi. I’m Amelia.

Anna: Nice to meet you!

Anna: What are you doing?

Amelia: I’m reading.

Anna: Are you reading the news? Hi!

Amelia: No, I’m reading for my show.

Amelia: (to camera person) Can I read again?

Anna: Sorry.

Anna: This day is not going well.

Caty: Anna! Hi! What’re you doing?

Anna: I am bothering people, Ms. Weaver.

Caty: Let’s go to my office and talk.

Anna: I like to talk with you, Ms. Weaver.

Caty: It’s Caty.

Anna: Right. Thanks … Ms. Weaver

Part 4: Watch the “What are you doing?” Video Lesson

What are you doing today? Are you enjoying what you’re doing? Here’s Lesson 7, “What are you doing?”, video we encourage you to watch, enjoy, and learn from. English Learners can benefit from this video by paying close attention, following along, and leaving a constructive comment in the comments section below.

Part 5 – Take the “What are you doing?” Lesson 7 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “What are you doing?” Lesson 7 Online Quiz

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  1. Hello, I watched all videos, I learned a few vocabulary and expressions like what’re you doing? And other things. Thanks.

  2. I’m Danijela from serbia.
    My score in the quiz was 6/6.
    In this lesson I’m improved my vocabulary,expression and pronunciation in the Present Continuous Tense.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  3. Dear Teacher Sersea. Thanks for the videos lesson. They are simple, clear and aplicable. I can follow and understand well. My result is 100%. Thank you.

  4. I’ve practiced pronouncing English with this entertaining video lecture. I have noticed that I get improved my listening skill, hence I’ve got 6/6 in the quiz.

  5. Oh!!! These videos…. I always enjoy these videos. These are also helpful for our learning. And the grammatical items are also good.
    Thank you…

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