Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 17 Of 52

Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: This city is very interesting, I really like my job, and I have some good friends! Speaking of friends … I see one now! Marsha! Hi!

Marsha: Hi, Anna. What’s going on?

Anna: Not much. How about you?

Marsha: Busy as usual. Hey, do you wanna see a movie with me?

Anna: Sure! I never have time to see a movie. When?

Marsha: Are you busy this Thursday at 6pm?

Anna: Let’s see …. I’m busy. I am going to tap dance with my friends Thursday night.

Marsha: Tap dancing? That sounds fun!

Anna: I’m still learning. But it is fun!

Anna: Are you busy on Friday night?

Marsha: Yes. Friday nights are when I visit my parents.

Anna: What do you and your family do together?

Marsha: We always eat dinner together and sometimes we play board games.

Anna: Playing board games is fun, too! The word game Scrabble is my favorite.

Marsha: I like Connect Four!

Anna: I’m not busy Monday night. Are you?

Marsha: I am busy on Monday night. I’m going to jog in the park with my friend. Do you jog?

Anna: Oh! I always jog. Well, sometimes I jog. Okay, I never jog. But I will try because it is good for you.

Marsha: I always feel great after I jog.

Marsha: How about on Wednesday night?

Anna: Wednesday night I am not busy. Oh, no, wait. This Wednesday night I will be busy.

Marsha: What are you doing?

Anna: I’m going to teach children how to play the ukulele.

Anna: Now, children, play “C.” Good. I like your “C.”

Marsha: The world does need more ukulele players.

Anna: Marsha, it looks like we’ll never have time to see a movie.

Anna: Wait a minute. Are you busy now?

Marsha: It’s Saturday afternoon. This is always when I do my errands.

Anna: Okay, but the new Star Wars movie is gonna start in 30 minutes.

Marsha: I’ll do my errands on Sunday. Let’s go!

Anna: Most days of the week, people are really busy. But it’s important to find time to be with your friends!

Anna: Until next time!

* Connect Four is a two-player connection game using colored discs.

Part 4: Watch the “Are You Free on Friday?” Video Lesson

What’s your favorite day of the week? Most people say they like Friday the best. Here’s Lesson 17: “Are You Free on Friday?” Watch the video carefully and follow along with the dialogue and then share what you’ve learned with other English Learners via the comments section below.

Part 5 – Take the “Are You Free on Friday?” Lesson 17 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “Are You Free on Friday?” Lesson 17 Online Quiz

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  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
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    I’m improved my vocabulary and pronunciation.
    In the quiz my score was 4/4.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

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    I am Samir kumar Malviya thank you so much for this learning English lesson. This conversation videos are really very helpful for learning English.
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