Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 42 Of 52

Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Guy: Hello. I’m Guy Newsman with News Channel XYZ. I’m here in Washington, D.C. at the scene of a crime.

Guy: We are talking with this woman.

Guy: She saw the crime during her lunch break. It looks like she hurt herself while she was trying to stop the crime.

Guy: Tell us your name.

Anna: Hi, Guy. I’m Anna.

Guy: Anna, what did you see and what happened to your arm?

Anna: Guy, I was minding my own business. See, I work over there.

Guy: Um-hum

Anna: I left work to get some lunch. Then suddenly, I heard a woman yelling. She was yelling like this … “Help! Help!”

Guy: Um-hum

Anna: Two robbers were grabbing herbag like this. She was hitting them with her umbrella.

Guy: Is that when you hurt your arm?

Anna: No. At that time, I was not fighting the robbers.

Guy: Um-hum.

Anna: See. I was too far away and I didn’t have my own umbrella.

Guy: So, what happened next?

Anna: They grabbed her bag and ran away! So, I grabbed her umbrella and ran after the robbers.

Guy: Then that is the time that you hurt your arm?

Anna: No. I was yelling, “Stop, robbers! Stop!” She was yelling, “Hey, come back with my umbrella!”

Guy: Were you afraid?

Anna: I had no time to be afraid, Guy. Well, I had time while I was resting on a bench. I had a lot of time.

Guy: Then what happened?

Anna: The robbers got on a bus. So, I ran after the bus.

A VO: While I was running, I tripped and fell.

Guy: And that is the time that you hurt your arm?

Anna: No. While I was lying on the ground, someone stepped on my arm!

Guy: Ouch. That’s too bad.

Anna: Yeah. And they didn’t apologize. Well, then the robbers got themselves kicked off the bus.

Guy: Why?

Anna: They didn’t pay. You’ve got to pay when you get on a bus. The police came and took them away.

Guy: And that’s when you hurt your arm!

Anna: No.

Guy: Then, when did you hurt yourself?

Anna: Well, Guy, by this time, I was feeling very hungry. So, I went to my office to get a snack.

C: Anna, I’m calling for help right now.

C: (on the phone) Hello? Yes, please come right away. My co-worker is stuck in a vending machine.

Guy: You hurt your arm in a vending machine buying a bag of chips?

Anna: I was really hungry and the bag was stuck. I had to –

Guy: That’s all from News Channel XYZ. This is Guy Newsman saying goodbye.

Guy: Okay, we have to find ourselves another story, guys.

Anna: Until next time! Hi Mom!

Part 4: Watch the “I Was Minding My Own Business” Video Lesson

Greetings, English Learners. How are you today? Today’s English video lesson is called: “I Was Minding My Own Business”. Please watch this video several times closely and share with us what you’ve learned via the comments section at the bottom.

Part 5 – Take the “I Was Minding My Own Business” Lesson 42 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “I Was Minding My Own Business” Lesson 42 Online Quiz

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