Preparation – Part 4 – English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Students, here is an opportunity for you to take a free online English test and measure how much English you know. There are two parts to this test: Reading is 7.5 minutes, and Listening is 7.5 minutes as well, for a total of 15 minutes for the entire test.

Once you finish your English test, make sure you use our comments section below and identify how you did on the test and what you thought about it.

Click here to take the Free Online English Test: Take Test

119 thoughts on “Preparation – Part 4 – English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello. I’m Nelson from Venezuela.
    “Beginner” is my score. I’m ready to study and learn more of the English lenguage.
    Thank you.

      1. Hello 🙂 My name is Yukï and my score is 55%.
        I’m ready to progress in English language and reach the advanced level, as well

      2. Hello,
        My name is Bakhtiar. I’m from Afghanistan, kabul. The first pre elementary test was good for me that how can i give a test and what things will come. I got 54 scored. I love to learn English, because English is international language. This is my wish to be a good English speaker.

  2. Hello!
    My name is Nickolay. I’m from Russia.
    My score intermediate is 72%.
    Thanks for your attention to me.

      1. Hello, Maestro Sersea!
        I’m Luis Fernando Castro, from Costa Rica. I took the test and my score was 66%. I have big problems with my listening and speaking. I am sure your courses will help me to improve my English skills. Thanks for your efforts to teach us.


      1. Shaarmaarke,
        Thanks for taking the English assessment. Once you begin working on our regular English lessons, you will improve your English skills.
        Best wishes,
        Maestro Sersea

    1. I also had a pronunciation test and wow! It was “Grate “.
      Thanks for this opportunity to learn English for free.
      And I know that I should always improve my knowledge of English as I want to be a teacher ESL .

    2. Larisa, thank you for taking the online English test. I am confident that you will make great progress in improving your English skills.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

  3. Hello
    my name is Norah, I am from Hungary.
    my score is Beginner.
    I hope to develop my English language with you.
    Thank you

    1. Greetings Norah,
      I’m happy to hear from you. I’m confident that your English skills will grow with the English lessons and activities here.
      Welcome aboard!
      Maestro Sersea

  4. My name is Abdulai Kamara. I am a Sierra Leonean. I scored 71% on the test on preparation part 4. I want to be doing more of these. My English is weak when it comes to writing up to like 50 to 100 words or more. please help me so I will be able to get more ideas in writing constructively. And also I like this part 4 section. thanks.

    1. Welcome Abdulai,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying our Preparation lessons. You will soon receive our regular lessons in your e-mail which will be more challenging.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

  5. Hello everyone,
    I am Hadi AJ who was a football player and I am a coach. My level is a beginner and I hope to develop my English skills to a high level because I have an online soccer academy project to improve the youth players all around the world.

    1. Hello Hadi. Welcome to our class. Congratulations on your online soccer academy project. I hope you help a lot of soccer enthusiasts with your project.
      Maestro Sersea

  6. Greeting from Lima, Peru!
    I got 95% on the test.
    Thanks a bunch for this amazing opportunity Maestro Sersea, I’m really grateful!
    God bless you and all the participants in this group 🙂

    1. Rebeca,
      Greetings from Southern California, USA. I’m happy you did well on the test. I look forward to your participation and success in our class.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

    1. Natela,
      Welcome to our free online English class.
      If you spend at least 30 minutes per lesson, I’m sure you will make great progress.
      Keep smiling,
      Maestro Sersea

    1. Welcome Nidia,
      Greetings from Southern California, USA.
      You will increase your score as you work on our lessons, you’ll see.
      Keep working hard.
      Maestro Sersea

  7. Hello everyone i hope you are fine and safe.
    I’m boudjema from Algeria.Thanks fir the initiative i took the test quize and got an overall note of 76 and 90 in reading and 61 on listning

    1. Boudjema,
      Welcome to our free online English class.
      I’m glad you’re participating in the preparation lessons. I’m sure you will make great strides in your English with us.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

  8. Hi, my name is Maria Cecilia I’m from Ecuador I took the test and my score is 97% reading and 61% listening , I’m an intermediate 79%. Thank you for this free opportunity to increase our English.

    1. Welcome Maria Cecilia,
      Greetings from California, USA. Great score at reading. We have many lessons that will improve your English listening skills here.
      Welcome aboard!
      Maestro Sersea

  9. Hi,
    I’m Aye Aye Than from Myanmar. I did the test. As I was a little bit careless, I got intermediate level. I feel satisfied to do like that . I’d like to say thanks a lot my educator for this opportunity.

        1. Hamdi, welcome to our American English online class!
          Thank you for taking the assessment. I am confident you will improve your skills.
          I’m happy you joined us. You will see there are many other students from Somalia here as well. 🙂
          Maestro Sersea

  10. Hi, there!
    I am Norman Darío from Argentina.
    My final score is 82%, “Intermediate”.
    I did better the Reading part.
    I really enjoyed testing my level.
    Ready to learn and practice more. Thank you!

    1. Hi Norman,
      Greetings from California, USA.
      You scored high on reading. Well done! You will soon receive your regular lessons via e-mail.
      Best wishes!
      Maestro Sersea

  11. Hi…. My score is Beginner that is why I join with you Maestro Sersea. I believe that I will improve by your assist. Thank you

    1. Yustina,
      Thank you for taking the English assessment. I’m confident that if you complete weekly lessons here you will make big improvements.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

  12. hello ,my name is Hind, I’m from Iraq. i would like to improve my language , i would like thankful for knowledge ,my score only 38 but i want to be better than this ,best wishes

    1. Welcome to our class, Hind.
      Greetings from Southern California, United States of America.
      I am confident that your score will improve when you retake this test at the end of our first year of classes. Keep smiling and working hard!
      Maestro Sersea

  13. Hello, I´m Maria José. I live in Honduras. My level of english is 48%- beginner. (65% reading score and 27% listenig score).
    I´m glad to stay here.

    1. Welcome, Maria Jose,
      Thank you for joining us. You will greatly improve your English listening skills with our lessons.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

    1. Welcome Beata,
      I’m glad you joined us. You will surely improve your English listening and pronunciation with us. Please keep working on your English lessons and you will make great improvements.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

  14. Hi.
    My results are 76%, which makes me intermediate.
    Will your lessons be live or will you send us videos.
    Thank you

  15. Hello
    It was a really useful test. My score is 71 %, but I would like to improve a lot. I am really happy to find this oportunity.

    1. Hsu,
      Thank you for sharing your score. We will do a lot of work to help you improve your English listening skills here. 🙂
      Maestro Sersea

  16. Hallo, my name is Ketie, I am from Georgia, my level is intermediate – 63%.
    Thanks for giving me possibility to develop my skills and reach more.

    1. Greetings Ketie,
      Greetings from California, USA.
      I’m happy you feel positive about our online English class. I’m sure you will progress with us!
      🙂 Maestro Sersea

    1. Hi Huda,
      Thank you for completing the assessment. The more time and effort you invest in our English lessons, the more you will improve. 🙂
      Maestro Sersea

    1. Hello Med, thanks for completing your English assessment. I hope you will score much higher next time you take this assessment.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

  17. Hello,
    My name’s Aina
    I’m from Madagascar,
    My score is 66 %, so intermediate. My reading level score is very low (39 %), but my listing is 93%. I believe, this online course can help me to improve it!!
    In fact, I’m very glad to join this English online course!!


  18. Hello everyone!!
    I’m Myint Myint Kyi .
    My level is 86%- advanced level.
    I feel so surprised!!
    Thank u, Teacher

    1. Khin,
      Greetings from California, USA. I hope there will soon be peace, calm, and prosperity in Myanmar/Burma. Best wishes!
      Maestro Sersea

  19. My name’s Khloud from iraq I get beginner level my score 32% I wish become professional in all skills of the English language
    thanks about your time

  20. Hello, Maestro Sersea!

    Thank you for your support!

    I’m Denis, I’m from Romania and I’m living at the moment in Timisoara.

    The score from the test was 94% – Advanced.

    But sometimes, I feel very hard to find my words to communicate with others in speaking or when I have to compose long texts.

  21. Greetings from Madagascar. My score is beginner. I am ready to learn and improve my language skills. Thank you for your help.

  22. I’m Pilar, I’m from Bolivia. My score in the test was beginner. The reading score was intermediate and listening score was beginner.
    Thank you Maestro Sersea.

    1. Greetings Pilar and welcome to our English course. As you complete your English lessons, you will make progress in your English reading and listening skills.

  23. Hi everyone,
    My score is 64. I’m an intermediate. I think that this course will help me.
    Thanks Maestro Sersea.

  24. hi eviryone ,I’m Karina from Argentina , my score is intermediate, thanks for this wonderful oportunity

  25. Hello. My name is Rajan Kumar Chharahang. I am from Biratnagar, Nepal. I am a private school teacher. I took the test. My score is 48%, beginner.

  26. My score is 22%. That’s mean I ‘m a beginer. So I will work very hard to improve my skills quickly.

    1. Wendel, welcome to our English class. The more motivated you are to learn and the more time and efforts you invest here, the faster you will learn. 🙂

  27. Hello!
    my name is khaled. I’m from Egypt. I took the exam. I had scored intermediate between b1 and b2.

    1. Welcome, Khaled. I’m glad you registered for our class. You will improve your English pronunciation, communication, and comprehension skills with us if you complete our weekly lessons. 🙂

  28. Hi.. I am Hanni. I am from Myanmar.I have got 59 score and beginner. I am ready to learn new lesson from you. Thank a millions.

    1. Welcome to our English course, Hanni. If you invest time, energy, and work on all the lessons, you will make great progress in learning English with us. 🙂

  29. Hello. I am Nihat I’m from Turkey. My score was 66. It means that I’m between B1 and B2. I have already finished English Course in Turkey as level C1 but I have still have a problem speaking fluently. I hope I can improve my English Level via this course
    Thanks a lot

    1. Welcome, Nihat. This course starts at the beginning and quickly moves towards the advanced level. It’s a 5-year English course. Enjoy!

  30. Hello! My name is Nandar. I am from Myanmar.
    I took the test. My score was Intermediate (74%). Thank you for the test. I am ready to improve my skills along with your courses. Thank you a lot.

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