Conversation Topics for English Learners: Health

Many people say the most important thing you can have is good health. You can have all the money in the world, but if you have poor health you’d prefer being healthy over being rich. Imagine participating in different conversations in English revolving around the topic of health. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are some suggestions:
— You’ve been feeling some stomach pain lately and are in the middle of a phone call with your doctor’s office. What would you tell the nurse? What would the nurse tell you?
— It’s been a year since you last had your yearly physical exam with your primary doctor. You’re now in front of your doctor, and he’s asking you questions. What would you tell your doctor? What would your doctor ask you?
— You watch a television commercial about vitamins that help give you more energy. Imagine discussing these vitamins with your family. What would you say to your family? What would your family say to you?
Being able to have a conversation about your health in the English Language is an important skill. Make sure you think about your health and practice speaking about it in English with others.

7 thoughts on “Conversation Topics for English Learners: Health

  1. I’m Nelson. If I have a stomach pain and I take a call with the doctor office, I say the nurse my name and hello to her and tell her my stomach pain. So she talk to the doctor to help me. I say the Doctor what kind of food I ate the last time, because maybe that’s the cause I’m ill. And he ask me about my symptoms, if I have fever, a pain on my right leg (maybe an appendicitis), after a lot of questions, he maybe recipes me medicines.

  2. I would like to discuss about a situation with my glasses.
    I have had an eyes exame two weeks ago and I have received a message that my glaces arrived today in the morning. I had happy at that moment but when I put them I couldn’t see clearly.
    I had told about it and an assitance asked the doctor to check again my vision. A doctor makes a few different exams such as checking of eyes pressure, my periferal vision, changed some lenses and some others.He was very attentive and professional.
    They have promised to give me a new glasses diring two weeks.

  3. Hello, I’m Nelson from Venezuela. I have a question. When is enought to listen the Conversation Topics? I read and understand but when I listen, I don’t understand everything.

    1. Nelson, that’s why it’s a good idea for you to translate the text of the Conversation Topics, so you can understand it better. 🙂
      Maestro Sersea

  4. Hello I am mam jarra njie from Gambia I want to talk about my stomach I got in my car to drive it but I can’t because my stomach is paining

    1. Mam Jarra, sorry to hear you’ve had stomach pain. Indeed, when your stomach is hurting, it’s difficult to drive.
      Feel better soon.
      Maestro Sersea

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