Conversation Topics for English Learners: Comparing

Have you ever compared two things at once and made a decision to pick the best choice? Today’s conversation topic is “Comparing.” Imagine you’re having a conversation about comparing different choices. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re at school and your final exam grades just got posted on the wall. You compare your grades with one of your colleagues. What would you say? What would your colleague say?
— You’re at a store shopping for shirts with your best friend. You both found shirts you like and are comparing them? What would you say? What would your best friend say?
— You’re at a basketball game with your date, and you compare the basketball players on the different teams. What would you say? What would your date say?
Comparing is part of our every day critical thinking. We reach better decisions when we compare similar things.

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