Conversation Topics for English Learners: Effort

Many people work hard to get something done and feel satisfied with their efforts. Today’s conversation topic is “Effort.” Imagine you’re in an English speaking country where you are having a conversation about effort. What would you say to others about effort? What would others say to you? Here are a few suggestions:
— Your car is being repaired. You have a conversation with the car mechanic about the time and effort needed to fix the car. What would you tell your car mechanic? What would your car mechanic tell you?
— Your friends want you to organize a barbeque party, but you’re concerned that it will take too much effort on your part. What would you tell your friends? What would your friends tell you?
— Your English teacher talks to you after class. He tells you that you’re smart, but that you’re not putting enough effort in learning English. What would you tell your teacher? What would your teacher tell you?
It is important to put a lot of effort in everything you do. When you put in the effort, you feel confident and satisfied that you did the best you could.

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