Lesson 1.3.2 — English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 3, Lesson 1.3.2. Today we will work on your English listening and reading comprehension via 3 of our Conversation Topics for English Learners activities.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Hello, English Learners. Do you want to be happy? Everybody does. What would you talk about in English if it was centered on the topic of happiness? Here are a few suggestions:
— You have just checked your lottery ticket and have discovered that you are a winner of a large sum of money. What would you tell your family? What would your family say to you?
— You’ve been worried about your health for a while, and your doctor just gave you some good news after the last medical tests. What would you tell your doctor? What would your doctor tell you?
— You’ve just found out the results of a very difficult test you took in school last week, and you have the highest score in the class. What would you tell your teacher? What would your teacher tell you?

While life may not always go as planned, there are many things that can make us happy. Think about what makes you and other people happy.

Part 2: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Greetings, English Learners. Do you like going out to eat? Do you enjoy dining out at your favorite restaurant? What’s your favorite meal?
When it comes to discussions in English, it is important to be able to communicate when ordering a meal. What would you talk about in English if you were to order a meal at a restaurant? Here are a few suggestions:
— It’s early morning and you’re famished. You go to your neighborhood restaurant and order breakfast. What would you ask the waiter? What would the waiter ask you?
— It’s afternoon and you’re very hungry. You see a restaurant that you haven’t visited before, go inside, and sit down. What would you ask the waiter? What would the waiter ask you?
— It’s evening, and you’re out with your friends at a fancy restaurant. What would you ask the waiter? What would the waiter ask you?
Ordering a meal is part of everyday life in the United States of America. Being able to communicate effectively while ordering a meal is essential

Part 3: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again. Finally, add a comment about what you learned from Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the comments section below.

Celebrating birthdays takes place all over the world. Do you celebrate your birthdays with your family, friends, and colleagues?
Imagine you’re practicing your English in some dialogues related to birthdays. What would you talk about? Here are some suggestions.
— It’s your mother’s birthday and you want to throw her a surprise party. What would you say to the rest of your family? What would your family say to you?
— You’ve been invited to your boss’ birthday party. What would you say to your boss? What would your boss say to you?
— You’re throwing a big birthday party and would like to invite your colleagues from school. What would you say to your colleagues? What would your colleagues say to you?
People love to celebrate birthday parties because they get to spend with people they love and appreciate, as well as receive presents. Why do you like celebrating birthdays?

76 thoughts on “Lesson 1.3.2 — English Lessons with Maestro Sersea

  1. Part 1. Happiness.
    What would I tell my family if I am a winner in lottery? I would tell them I am happy and let’s go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate, and planning business with these money.
    What would I tell my doctor if he has good news about my las medical tests? I would tell him I am happy and give thanks for his help about my health. A good health must be result of ourself care and the doctor guias.
    What would I tell my teacher if I have the highest score in a very difficult test? I would tell him I appreciate his support and effort.

    1. I’m glad you’re being creative and thinking about the different ways you can answer the questions here, Nelson. Great job!
      Maestro Sersea

  2. Part 2. Ordering a meal.
    What would I ask the waiter if I am famished early in morning? I would ask him for a breakfast, and I do an order of a fry plantains, scrambled eggs, cheese, and a cup of coffee with milk.

  3. When I visit a restaurant that I didn’t know, I ask the waiter what is the best meal in this place, and what plates he recommend this day.
    In a fancy restaurant with friends, I usually get discussions about menu before ordering.
    Part 3. Birthdays.
    I used to give a surprise gift to my mother in her birthday. I have happy memories of these wonderful days.
    In the boss’s birthday I never discuss about the work because this is an opportunity to have a confidence converzation.

  4. 1. In general, I don’t play the lottery, but sometimes I might do it to join to my friends.
    I I won, I would invite my family and my friends to the trip.
    In my opinion, it is great possibility to spend our time unforgettable.
    2. A lot of people are worried about their health due to the COVID-19 nowadays. Some people have to make the specific tests to discover how they are. It is wonderful to receive the negative result. We must take kare of our family and myself.
    3. I did a lot of testes during my life. I perfectly know what I feel at that moment. I can describe it like a big energy suddenly enter inside my and I am grateful to my teachers amd myself for our commitment to do things correctly.

    1. Iryna,
      Thank you for your participation. Let’s hope that with the COVID Vaccines available, we will all return back to our normal lives.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

    2. If l won the lottery, l would use them some good deeds ,which l would like to .
      I would thank to the god and the doctor to give me such good news
      I would thank my teacher who guide me.

  5. When I had lived in Portugal I frequently went to the restaurant or to the cafe. Some of my friends like the typical Portuguese plates but some of them try to discover the international meal. That why we always ask what the menu has and then we choose it.
    I always drink a cup of tea or coffee in the morning with any sandwich, a soup at lunch-time and a fish or meat dish in the evening. I sometimes ask the waiter about ingredient of themealand how many minutes I need to wait. Depending on the quantity of stars, the waiters propose their day menu or their chef plates.I like my gastronomic experiences.

  6. Part 3.
    I like giving the gifts to my mother. She will be 80 years old this year and I used to visit her on her birthday. I buy some useful things such the shoos and some things that she like to eat but cannot to buy in her city. She always happy like a baby when open my gifts.

    We are not used to buy the gift to our boss. We buy the flowers to her and some specific chocolates.

    1. Hi Iryna. I enjoyed my mother for 87 years, and I am happy for the great moments you are having with yours. Those are unforgettable moments.

  7. Hello Sir,
    – I got my happiness when I was in grade 9. I got the highest score in Chemistry Monthly test. Actually, the the teacher put 30% puzzle quiz in the question. I think I could get 20% or more correct of this part. When I knew my result, I felt on the top of the world.
    – In our culture, Lunch and Dinner are prepared by ourselves but we usually have breakfast at some light food shops. For me, ordering at the restaurant when I am famished has to be direct so that the waiter can prepare fast.
    – In our country, older people usually celebrate birthdays by making certain donation. For kids, parents make small birthday parties.

  8. hello,
    i’m mongi

    one day i discovred i won a large sum of money by a ticket of lottery. i’m very happy.
    and at once i went home tell my family the good news.
    would you guess what happened with me today? i became wealth man. i have a lot of money. my father surprised, huggede and told me save your money in the the bank for the future

    i thank the doctor for his efforts when he gave me some good news about my health after the last medical test.

    i thank my teacher for her great efforts and the support that she gave me thing that leads to take the highest score of the most difficult test.

    i went to eat out at a restaurant around where i live.
    i got in and sat at a round table. the waiter welcomed me with a warm greeting.
    – can i help you, sir ? he said.
    – please, could i see the menu first? i told him
    – of course, this is our menu, sir? the waiter teplyed.
    at least i ordered roasted spicy chicken anad water .

    i thank my boss for inviting me to the party of his birthday and wish that he will be healthy and happy.
    after drinking coffee with some guests, we stay alone to discuss about many things related to the Companie work.

    my best regards

  9. Hello!
    What I learned from parts 1, 2, and 3
    Things that can make us happy
    Order a meal.
    Сelebrating birthdays.
    See you in the next lesson.

  10. Hello
    I am Albertine
    I learnt many vocabularies like:
    -How to tell my family that I am a winner in lottery and try to Express my happiness,
    -What would I tell my doctor if he told me good news about my las medical tests and how to thank him about his efforts to help me.
    -What would I tell my teacher if I have the highest score in a very difficult test and how I would show him/her my appreciation about his support for me.
    I thank you so much

  11. Hello teacher,
    Thank you for the awesome lessons. As the first topic, happiness. I will always be happy when I play football or coaching the kids. Sports can make you so happy and change your life.
    As the second topic, I love to eat in some restaurants and again make me happy.
    the third topic is about how to behave in some celebrating or party with people. informal and formal.

  12. Greeting from Iraq, in (lesson 1) I wouldn’t like lottery, i appreciate my teacher that i have the highest score.
    (lesson 2) i would like a cup of tea with scrambled egg for breakfast at morning, i prefer slide kitchen with soap and bread for afternoon finally i eat slides of fruit for dinner ,but the first things i ask the waiter the kind of meal they have and then i choose the best for me .
    (lesson 3) we celebrating mothers birthday so, invite her in a fancy restaurant with surprise gift ,while i didn’t invite or the boss invite me because the event is private party .
    thank you for the awesome lesson.

  13. Dear Teacher Sersea….Thanks for the interesting lesson. The first part of this lesson I learned how we express our feeling to one another about happines. The second part I learned how we order meal which we like in American English and the third part I learn how we make ourself and other people happy and enjoy their time like birthday etc. Thank you.

  14. Part 1
    When I found out that I won the lottery. I was very happy. I bought everything the family needed and went on a trip. I gave part of the money to charity.
    from the doctor I was grateful to God for the good health and yahvana to the doctor for the good news and kindness.
    In the restaurant I like to order a variety of food. I ask the waiter what he recommends but in the end I choose the dish.
    For my mom’s birthday, I made an appointment with the rest of the family. We booked tables in the restaurant to organize dinner for her birthday, prepared decorations and gifts, and specially ordered a birthday cake. Then we invited her friends to come to the party.
    Thank you.

  15. Part 1
    What would I tell my family if I won the lottery. At first I would share my happiness with them by doing something amazing things.and I would tell them that don’t worry now our worries days gone.And the most important thing of my life is ,I like small kids so much so I would celebrate my happiness with them by giving them chocolate s.
    What would I tell my Dr if he has good news about my last medical tests.I would say him or her that you people have given me new life.I will always be greatful to you and hoping for your long life with God.
    Part 3
    I would tell my teacher that the word teacher itself carries deep meaning.Because of your proper guidance and hardwork towards me I am able to got a high score.Thanks a lot my the core of my heart.
    At last thanks to the teacher Maestro for showing us the right way.and the biggest things is if I have a mistake while replying the answers .plz make me correct.stay safe , happy and healthy.

    1. Paru, thank you for sharing your answers here. Remember to spell out the word doctor (not Dr). Try to leave a space after each period after you start a new sentence. Try to use the full word please instead of plz. . Best wishes. 🙂

  16. I love birthdays and the main reason is that I get to spend time with my family and friends. In my last birthday we broke a piñata made of cardboard; papier-mâché and decorated with crepe paper. My firends brought a cake and soda. We played games and have a fantastic time togheter. We are used to breaking piñatas and playing games for children birthdays only, but this time we wanted to do something different.

  17. The first topic.
    What would I tell my family if I won the lottery? At first I would tell my family I am very happy as well as I would invite them to go on a trip.
    What would I tell my doctor if he give me good news about my last medical test ? I would tell him I am very happy and give thanks for his help. What would I tell my teacher if I have the highest score in a very difficult test? I would thank my teacher who guide me.
    Thank you!

  18. The second part.
    Ordering a meal .
    The first: I love to eat in some restaurant because it make me happy.
    While What would I ask the waiter? Please could I see many , first ? … I want a seafood risotto dish and a cola drink and little later a cup of coffee and glass of water . Thank you.

  19. The third topic.
    What would I say to the rest of my family about mom’s birthday party ? I would invite them to buy the gifts.
    What would I say my boss who invited me to his birthday party? I very happy to attend your his birthday party as well as I would wish my boss all the best .
    What would I say to my colleague who I invited to a big birthday party .
    I very happy and I would thank them for attending and the presents they brought me.

  20. 1. Everybody want to be happy. That’s true. Somebody said sometime, that we need healthy, money and love to be happy.
    If I win the lottery, I first would begin to think about investment, to guarantee sustainablility in the economical level an so assure a much better well-being, too.

    2. I love go out to eat at a good restaurant. It’s like gastronomical tourism. If I were to order a meal for a breakfast, in this moment I’d like a good piece of fry fish with chips and cheese, ketchup and various sauces. Then, for a lunch I’d like a rich vegetables soup and a plate of roast beef served with rice and salad plus a fruit juice.
    At the end of the afternoon I would have a sandwich with cheese and ham.

    3. It’s always an exciting moment to celebrate a birthday. My mother never wants to reveal her exact age and it’s a challenge to try to guess it. My boss too he always wants to celebrate birthdays.

  21. I think that the topics are important because we use them every days in the our normal life; so learning about them is important to feel more comfortable when we talk in foreign language.

    Thank you
    Maria José

  22. Hello, Maestro Sersea.
    My name is Maryia.
    Thank you for an interesting lesson.
    Part 1.1. Happiness
    I rarely win anything. But if image that I will win a large sum of money in the lottery… I think, I will say my family that miracle happened and I am happy. They will say me that they are happy to. Then we will together thinking about investing this money for future.
    Part 1.2. Doctor
    I will say my doctor that I am really happy. My doctor will say me that it is great, but I must not relax and must continue to care about my health.
    Part 1.3. Score
    I will tell my teacher: thank you so much for a great knowledge which he helped me to get. My teacher will tell me that he is happy that he has so great student.

    Part. 2.1
    I will say hello to the familiar waiter. The waiter ask me: you, as usual, first coffee?
    Part 2.2.
    I will ask the waiter for menu. The waiter will say hello to me and wish me a pleasant experience with the new restaurant.
    Part 2.3
    I well ask the waiter what is a special meal today. The waiter will give me a menu and tell me about the best meals of the restaurant.
    Part 3.1 – 3.3.
    Birthday is not a great event in Belarus. Now Belarusians are celebrating birthdays not really often. But, for example, when I will decide to celebrate a my families member’s birthdays I will ask other families members what they think about the best way of celebrating. I think they will give me good advices in response.
    But celebrating boss’s birthday is unreal situation in Belarus and I can’t imagine how it happens in the USA.

  23. Nowadays I”m retired and all these kinda things is not part of my life anymore. No birthday’s parties, nor any other kind of meetings. All that I want is peace and see my favorite programs on TV. Sometimes my wife and I go to a restaurant to have a different dinner, drink a beer, talk to some aquaintance and get back home. You may think I’m not living my life as many other people do. It’s correct but no one should do things the same way others do, but this is what I chose for me and I feel good.

    1. Jose Luiz, sounds like you’re enjoying a wonderful retirement. I’m 9-10 years away from retiring and look forward to it. 🙂

  24. Hello maestro Sersea Im Elizabeth thank you for a good lesson , if I win a sum of money in the lotteri I travel around the world with my famili .

  25. For the first time I like to deliver my thanks for maestro sersea to join me for your class without any payments God bless you : That learned today is (i ) To ask and answer in the context of reporting the results of exam (ii)To asky and answer if you are going to the restaurant (iii ) To ask and answer in the context of birthday celebration

  26. Hello, I’m Verónica
    In these lessons I learned two New words,
    famished and fancy.

    In the first lesson the question a about What I tell my family if I discovered that I am a winner of a large sum of money?, I would probably I say the news to them with great joy and start making plans with them.
    And probably my family would happy.

    — I’ve been worried about my health for while . What would you tell your doctor? What would your doctor tell you?
    _ I’m sure I would tell my Doctor thank you for his help. The Doctor woul tell me that is very good for me and I should have to continue take care.

    Iwoul say thank you to the teacher for elping me to
    — You’ve just found out the results of a very difficult test you took in school last week, and you have the highest score in the class. What would you tell your teacher? What would your teacher tell you?

    I would say thank you to the teacher for helping me to get the goal. The teacher surely would tell me congratulation.

    While life may not always go as planned, there are many things that can make us happy. Think about what makes you and other people happy.
    I would make just what I doing now, trying to get the dream what i couldn’t get in the past.

    In lesson two I enjoy to go to restaurants and I try to go when I’m really hungry and to go with my husband and ordered the food I like

    In lesson three I would probably try to make a good surprise party for the birthday mom and boss.

    Thank you teacher, you are the best.

  27. Hello! I learnt from1,2,3 that different situations of expressing happiness we have i.e. ordering fooditems, winning a lottery, and birthday celebration.

  28. Hi I am Achouak ,
    1/ If I win a large sum of money , I will be very happy and impatient to tell my family the good news . They, certainly will be very happy for me and tell me that. then I will take the opportunity to inform them , that I would plan to enjoy a far trip with them . It must leave many unforgettable memories for all of us .
    2/If I’ve been worried about my health for a while and the doctor gives me good news after tests , I must feel relieved to have good news and I will express my gratitude to the doctor. And I certainly promise myself that I will take care of my health and do exercices every day .
    3/If , I got the highest score of the class in a difficult test, I must feel very proud and I will promise the teacher that I will try my best to increase my school results in the futur . Also I will tell the teacher how grateful I am towards him . So Mr Sersea I would like to tell you haw I feel grateful for all efforts you do for us .

  29. Hello! In my opinion, this topic is useful for getting English learning skills for everyday communication with people. Thank you so much, Maestro Sersea!

  30. There have been said about three situations. We almost fall in these situations. It helped us very much. Thank You Sir.

  31. I translate into my language and asked questions of my own. It’s very useful I suggest you answer it will help us

  32. Everyday we face different situation. These suggestions will help me to face in english properly. Of course, it will increase my ability day by day. It will be very effective in my daily life. Thanks.

  33. Part 1 – As mentioned, life may not always go as planned, everything change. If you cannot control situation well, you are not able to live your life. Therefore, you should- live simply, smile warmly and donate generously.
    Part 2- Food ordering is essential in daily life. You should make your conversation suitable with your circumstance.
    Part 3- l like celebrating birthday because of gathering friends and receiving suprise gift.

  34. For expressing happiness,If I win a large sum money I would be over the moon and the first thing do do would be to invite my family to a luxurious hotel and have funny together .concerning my parents,I’m quite sure they would be surprise and ask me how i got the money.

    About ordering the meal: I would say ,Good morning Dud(the waiter)! .I ‘m starving ,could you give me a cup of tea and a peace of cake please? and the waiter would say :Yes please,do you like it with sugar ? and I would say ,No without sugar.and he would say, do you pay with cash or credit cards? and I would say ,with cash.

    For birthday:supposed that I’m organizing a birthday party for my mother ,I would tell the rest of the family about my plan and assign responsibilities to each one , and more importantly ask the them not to tell her for the party to be successful. For rest of my family they would say ,waouh! what a good idea , let do it and they would be happy to help me out with my plan.

  35. 1. Happy: I got an A in my last exam and now I am very happy.I feel like walking on the moon
    2. Greeting: hello my friends. how have you been? it is my pleasure to see you here.
    Order in the restaurant: would you bring for me a seafood dish and soda, please?
    or may I have a cup of coffee and cake, please?
    3. Birthday: Last night was my brother,s birthday and my sister and I invited him to a cozy cafe and imitated that we are sad about something. when the waiter bring his cake we shrieked and he was surprised and was so happy because he didn’t know that we prank him

  36. Hello Meastro Sersea,I am from Afghanistan and I happy to be with you for learning English
    Mohammad Eshaq Wakily

  37. Today I was learned about the topic of happiness, ordering the meal in restaurant and celebrating birthday party. I also got idea about the suggestions. For happiness topic, if I won a lottery ticket I would be the happiest person in the world because money makes all the things. But if I heard good news from my doctor, I would be happy. After I sat the difficult exam, I would be happy because I got full score on it. While life may not go as planned, I would be happy what I got ,what I was given and what I gave. For ordering a meal in restaurant, I would be prefer to order a simple food which was always eating. If I didn’t know how to order a meal, it is difficult to order the food to a waiter. I love to learn about it. For celebrating birthday party, it is nice to throw a surprise party to people who I love and appreciate. It is good to have been invited the party and it is also good to invite other people. Thank you so much for your learning videos and explanation.

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