Lesson 1.6.2 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 6, Lesson 1.6.2. Today we will work on your English listening and reading comprehension via 3 of our Conversation Topics for English Learners activities.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

We’re always surprised when coincidences happen. Sometimes when we least expect something to happen, it does, and we’re surprised. Imagine that a coincidence happens to you. What would you say in English? Here are some suggestions:
— You’re thinking about calling a colleague so you can study together for the test. Before you pick up the phone, your friend calls you. What would you say to your friend? What would your friend say to you?
— You’re at a store buying a present for your father. Suddenly, you see your father buying a shirt in your favorite color and you overhear him telling the cashier that it’s a present for you. What would you say to your father? What would your father say to you?
— You’re talking to your friends about a famous movie star that you haven’t seen in movies in a while. Suddenly, that same movie star walks right by you and asks you for directions to the nearby movie theater. What would you say to the movie star? What would the movie star say to you?
Life is full of pleasant surprises, and we should always prepare to be amazed. You never know when amazing coincidences will happen.

Part 2: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

You should always be careful to avoid accidents. You never know how badly you could get hurt in an accident. When you think about safety, you think about preventing accidents. Imagine you’re talking in English about safety. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are some suggestions:

— You’ve just washed dishes, have wet hands, and are about to unplug your phone from the wall. Your mother says you could get electrocuted. What would you say? What would your mother say?

— You’re walking on the street texting on your phone, not paying attention where you’re going. Suddenly, a police officer stops you and gives you a ticket. What would you say to the police officer? What would the police officer say to you?

— You’re talking to your family of preparing for an earthquake and making a plan of action. What would you say to your family? What would your family say to you?

It is always important to be safe and to think of safety. It’s good to be prepared, and careful.

Part 3: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again. Finally, add a comment about what you learned from Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the comments section below.

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Unless you’re listening to 100% electronic music, the music you hear is a result of many people learning how to play a musical instrument. Imagine you are participating in conversations in English about musical instruments. What would you talk about? Here are some suggestions:
— You’re taking music lessons and the music teacher asks you what wind instruments you like listening to. What would you tell your music teacher? What would your music teacher say?
— You’re at a classical concert and your date asks you what string instruments you prefer. What would you tell your date? What would your date say to you?
— You’re at a piano store and would like to buy a piano. What would you say to the store salesperson? What would the store salesperson say to you?
Music brings lots of joy to people’s lives. Being able to talk about musical instruments in English is always helpful.

47 thoughts on “Lesson 1.6.2 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello. Good morning. I{m Nelson.
    In this lesson I’m learning and practicing some sentences. Here there’s some:
    Part 1. Conversation topic: Coincidences.
    When I least expected an old boss called me for a job, so the coincidences happen because I was seeking a new job.
    I overheard my wife telling my daughter Andrea go together to buy a gift for me.
    I haven’t seen my brother Jose in a while.
    Part 2. Conversation topic: Safety.
    You could get hurt climbing and walking on the ceiling.
    You could get electrocuted handling the electric system without care.
    You are about to stop your relationship with your girlfriend.
    You should to unplug every electric equipment when you travel for a long time.
    I saw you texting on your phone last week when you were walking on the street.
    I pay attention crossing the streets to avoid an accident.
    We should be prepared for an earthquake, doing a plan action.
    Part 3. Conversation topic: Musical Instruments.
    Unless I receive a country tape of music gift from you, I’ll forget your birthday.
    Do you hear country music?
    I call her yesterday and ask what kind of music her like listening to.
    My wife asked me what wind or string instruments I prefer listening to.
    I would like to buy a piano instead a guitar.
    Thank you for this lesson.

  2. Hello,

    I’m Mongi

    Thank you for sending me the American English Lessons

    Lesson 1.6.2

    What a nice coincidence to get a call from my friend in the same time I think to call him so we can study together for the test.

    It’s unexpected to find my father in the same store where I am. the both buying a present for each other.
    What my father have done means so much to me. My father tells me he is proud of me to think of him.

    It’s the first time I see a famous movie star walking right by me and asking me for directions.
    I greet him and say to him that’s a very good suprise to see you in person.
    It’s very kind of you, he said.

    My mother was worried to see me unplug my phone from the wall with my wet hands
    she shouts : Dry your hands before pull out any thing from the outlet.
    Don’t worry mom, I take care of myself, I said.

    I’m walking in the street not paying attention where I”m going. A police officer stops me and say me to be careful. I thank him for taking care of me.

    To avoid accidents, hurts and any harmful, we must be careful.
    It’s always important to be safe and to think to the safety.
    I advice my family to wear a mask and stay away from the gathering in the time of COVID-19 outbreak.

    About the piano, I am not good at music.


  3. Hello
    I am Albertine
    This is a good lesson.
    What I learned from part 1,2 and 3 is all about listening skills which helped me to make my own sentences and dialogues and continue to practice more times along with the day.
    Thank you

  4. Hello.I’m Danijela from Serbia.
    Part 1.Hallo Snezana howe are you?This is coincidence.
    I just wanted to call you to study together for a test.Then you called.
    Great Danijela.It’s coincidence.I’m just calling you to study together fot the test. OK great.What time can you come to me to study?At 11:30 .It’s that ok ?Yes great.Then see you soon.
    -I’m in the story to buy a preasent for my father.O tis is coincidence.
    My father in the story just buying white shirt and telling the cashier it’s gift for me.I’ll act like i didn’t hear anyting.
    Hi dad.This is a coincidence.
    H Danijela.You came to buy somethig?
    I came to look at some dres,nothing just to look at.
    Did you buy something?Yes i bought.It doesn’t matter.I’m in a hurry.See you at home.
    -I talk whit my friend.
    We heven’t seen Brad Pitt in a movie a long time.Maybe making some new movie.
    Sorry.How can i get to a nearby movie theate?
    O this is suprise Brad Pitt.You are my favorite actor. Rally? Oh yes.
    I’m very happy to see you.Go straight down the street and turn right araund the corner ther is a movie theatre. Thank you very much.
    Part 2.I just washed the dishes.I want to unplug my phone from the wall.
    My mom says:Danijela don’t you unplug the phone from the wall with wet hands.Ok mom i’ll dry my hands and unplug my telephone from the wall.Thank you mum i have be more careful.
    -I’m walking on the street texting on my phone and suddenly police officer stop me. Miss. here are to card you have to pay violation.You are crossed the street using the phone that is not allowed.
    Sorry i’m just wrote the message.
    Miss. That is not allowed.You could have cause an accident.
    I’m sorry i will not repeat the mistake.
    – We have to make a plan in case earthquake happens.
    It’s the best to go to the park there are no buildings.Yes that’s best idea.
    Part 3.My teacher: Wich wind instrument you like listening? I like saxophone.Great it’svery good instrument.
    -My dates ask me:Wich string insrument i’m prefer? I’m prefer violin.
    It’s great instrument
    – I would buy a piano.
    Do you want electric piano for beginner? Yes, can We look at it.
    Yes of course.
    Very good lesson.Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

    1. Good job. Watch out for spelling errors for words like: hello, present, haven’t, theatre, oh, really, mom, which, it’s, very, I. 🙂

  5. Hello everyone. This is Wilber from Nicaragua. Thanks for these conversations topics; I´m learning and practicing a lot with them. Following I´ll answer some questions found in the topics:

    Music Lessons:
    Music teacher: – Wilber, what wind instruments do you like listening to?
    Wilber: – I really enjoy listenig to Saxophone and transverse flute. These are my favorite instruments to listen, teacher. They make me feel relaxed, So when I get home and I am feeling kind of stressed, I sit down on the couch, play my music and close my eyes, and after 30 or 40 minutes I feel much better.
    – That’s a really good election, I like them too. However I prefer the duct flute.

    At a piano store:
    – Hello, Good morning!
    – Good morning, sir. How May I help you?
    – I am looking for a piano. Maybe you can show me some and provide me the features of them.
    – Sure, sir. By chance, Is there any style, size, color or brand that you prefer?
    – Yes I would like a black Grand piano, not less than eight octaves and manufactured by Steinway and Sons, Schimmel or Petrof.
    – Thanks for your valuable information sir. We certainly have what you’re looking for and we have the best prices on the market. Please come with me and let me show you, sir.

    Thank you.

    1)-Hello, this is Anna. May I speak to Alice, please?
    -Yes, this is Alise.
    -How are you Alise?
    -Thank yuo, I’m great. How about yuo?
    -Thank yuo, I’m fine.
    -Anna, before you call me I’m thinking about calling you so we can study together for the test. Would you want to can study together for the test?
    -Yes, I would. What a coincidence. I wanted to ask you the same thing.
    -That sounds interesting. What time do we meet ?
    -We meet around seven thirty.
    -Good, see you soon.
    2) I would say my father I’ m so surprised that overhearing him telling cashier that it is a present for me . Also I would my father that I am here to buying a present for yuo. Amazing coincidence.
    3) The movie theater is over there. -Thank you!
    – You are welcome. Also I would say him that I’m very happy to see you. Can I take a photo with you?
    -Sure. -Thank you,
    1)You must to think of safety. You must to be careful. You had wet hands and don’t have to unplug the phone from the wall.Yuo could get electrocuted. – Thank you mam. I must to be more careful.
    2) sir, this ticket is for you. You don’t have to texting on your phone where you are walking. -You are right.
    3) – It is always important of preparing for an earthquake and making a plan of action.- let s to do it.
    III) Which instruments would you like listening to?- I like kontrabass .I love it. -Me too.
    2) Which string instruments would you prefer? -I love violin. -Me too.
    3) I want to buy that piano. How much does it cost?- It is very expensive. Thank you for you help.


  7. Part 1 when coincidences happens.
    1.1- what a surprise!! Right at this moment, I was going to pick up the phone to call you. I was really thinking of you, we must prepare for the exam.
    1.2- Hi daddy. I Overheard you, but it doesn’t matter. There isn’t greater surprise than finding us here buying us some presents, without knowing it: you for me and I for you. Thanks daddy, thanks for being my father.
    1.3- what a surprise, it’s very hard to believe but it’s happening. You here with us. Right at this moment we were talking about you and your lastest movie.

    Part 2 talking about accident.
    2.1- Hey my son, please. You must be careful, you can get electrocuted with your wet hands. Dry it first.
    Thanks you mommy, you always take care of me. I’ll be more cautious.
    2.2- oh! Sir officer, how sorry I am. I’ll be carefull nex time.
    Ok, but remember you also put other peopĺe at risk.
    2.3- first of all, we must remain calm in the event of a earthquake; then you can execute any plan.
    Yes, that’s true. We also need to identify the safety places in the house to make the plan.

    Part 3. Talking about musical instruments.
    3.1 Nelson, regarding wind instruments, which of them do you prefer and why?
    Well, about these kind of instruments, I’d prefer the saxophone, because, I think it’s very romantic and suitable for chamber music.
    3.2- And, which string instrument do you prefer?
    For me, they are all very interesting and beautiful, although my favorite is the guitar.
    3.3- Hi, I’m taking piano lessons and need to buy some. Which one do you recomend for a beginner.
    Well, it really all depends on the budget and how far you plan to go with you studies.

  8. Part 1: Coincidences
    In the first situation; I am thinking about my friend to pone her for a plan of studying when she calls me. I would get surprised and say her we are connecting with each on telepathy.
    In the second situation; I am going to buy a 55th birthday present for my father but in coincidence, we meet at a store and he is also buying a present in my favorite color for me. I may feel astonished and I would say him how powerful family love is.
    In the third situation; On the way to my granny’s home, I would meet with a famous pop star who is coming opposite me. When he sees me, he’ll stop to ask me a direction to a Big Mart. I would answer him and tell him how I get surprised to meet him in person.

  9. Part 2: Safety
    When my mother reminded me to be careful of touching the electronic, I would reply her “Thank you. If you don’t remind me, I will be electrocuted.
    I sometimes answer the phone call while driving. I am now trying to avoid the situation of getting accident by myself.
    I would urge my family to make effective plans and preparation for the incident because “prevention is better than cure”.
    Part 3: Musical Instrument
    I am not very familiar with the musical instruments but I am interested in a string instrument that is piano. When I was young, I usually saw my father playing piano in his free time but I never asked my father to teach me. Lately, I have noticed that I am interested in playing piano and I think it can make me relax.

  10. Mr. Sersea, it’s interesting the subjects you take to show us and how to treat them. So the windows you open to us the approach we could use to write about such subjects. To those , like me, who are studying the English idiom is a great opportunity to develop the undestanding and how to cope with it. I’d like to thank you for this unvaluable work you offer to us.

  11. Hello maestro Sersea ,thank you for sendend mi tha lesson ,I remenbered always tell my children they look before cross the street ,end when I think call to my sister she calling my firts that is a good coincidences

  12. Hello teacher!
    Part 1. Conversation topic: Coincidences.
    I and Sambath are good friend. We study together in the same class. After we gratulated, he was a good fortune to studied at abroad. We had never met each other so long time because we lost communication way. One day I picked up my sister to the airport. I saw my friend leave on the plan. What is coincidences Sambath! I find you so long time but I lose your number and email.

    Part 2. Conversation topic: Safety.
    Sambath: Oh I miss you so much friend. How have you been?
    San: I am getting well. I am glade to see you. What subject do you study at oversee?
    Sambath: I studied chemical production.
    San: oh it is dangerous to your health.
    Sambath: Yes, It really but I know how to prevent it. All students were coached with safety practice from teacher.
    San: it is great to hear that, friend.
    Part 3. Conversation topic: Musical Instruments.
    In Cambodia there are many kind of traditional music such as weeding song, other festival classical music, sport song and pop song. They use different instruments depend on their preparation and new creation.
    Do you like classical or pop music?
    I prefer listening to pop song.
    I would like to buy a piano for playing in my free time.
    Thank you for this lesson.

  13. 1. Coincidence
    There are many suprised events in the world especially include coincidence. I have coincidence with my fri. One day, we were chit chatting in a school canteen. I started to talk about a movie which is I like the most. Unexpectably, my fri likes too, moveover we have same feelings about the movie.
    2. Safety
    Safety are important. Nowadays, there is an outbreak of covid 19 all over the world so it is important to prevent this disease. We should use safety precautions – wash hands, wear mask, social distancing and stay at home.
    3. Musical instrument
    I like listening to music but I am not familiar with musical instruments. Music makes me feel motivated when I feel depressed, feel strong when I feel weak and feel happy when I feel sad.

  14. We learnt from these lesson about some situations of our life. Here is told about some coincidences, safety and musics. You put some suggestions of dialogues about those things.
    Thank you Maestro Sersia sir for this lesson.🙂

  15. amazing topic
    A: when coincidences happen
    B: careful to avoid an accident
    C: who doesn’t like listening to music
    I wrote a dialog about each one in my notebook.
    good job

  16. Hello!
    I was learned from the videos. I learned three discussions there are coincidence, safety and musical instrument. I learned a lot which are the way of speaking, the way of pronouncing and the way of ideas. I learned a lot new vocabularies. I got suggestion. If I am to be amazied with coincidence, I will be happy. I have to think about preparations so I can avoid an accident. For wind instruments and string instruments I prefer that string instrument. I would like to play piano and I am happy listening to music. Sometimes I don’t like listening to music. Thank you a lot for you’re learning video and the way of your teaching.

  17. Hello! I enjoy learning this lesson. It’s really helpfull and I found the best way to benefit from this program.
    Thank you teacher. I hope, before long I will reach a higher level english.

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