Conversation Topics for English Learners: Getting Something Fixed

We all need to get something fixed sometime. Today’s conversation topic for English Learners is “Getting Something Fixed”. Imagine you’re getting something fixed. What would you say? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions.
— You called a plumber to come fix your leaky faucet in the kitchen. What would you say to the plumber? What would the plumber tell you?
— Your lights are out and you called an electrician to come fix them. What would you say to the electrician? What would the electrician tell you?
— Your car doesn’t start. You had your car towed to the auto mechanic shop. What would you say to the car mechanic? What would the car mechanic say to you?
We need to remember to be realistic when asking a professional to fix something for us. Their labor takes time and expertise, and the tools and parts they use cost money so we need to show gratitude for the hard work they do for us.

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