Conversation Topics for English Learners: Calling for Help

Hello English Learners. Sometimes we are in the middle of an emergency and we need to call for help. Today’s conversation topic is “Calling for Help”. Imagine you need to make an emergency call. What would you say ? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions:
— There’s a car accident you’ve just witnessed and it looks like people are hurt. You call 911 Emergency. What would you say on the phone? What would the emergency operator say to you?
— There’s a fire in your neighbor’s backyard and nobody seems to be home. You call 911 to let the Fire Department know. What would you say to the emergency operator? What would the emergency operator say to you?
— Your child has been feeling ill with high fever. You drive your child to the emergency room and go to the front desk. What would you say to the nurse? What would the nurse say to you?
Sometimes we’re the only ones others can count on for help. We need to be emotionally strong and speak clearly in English to help them. What would you say or do during an emergency?

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