Lesson 1.10.2 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 10, Lesson 1.10.2. Today we will work on your English listening and reading comprehension via 3 of our Conversation Topics for English Learners activities.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

What are you favorite pastimes? What do you enjoy doing when you have free time? Today’s conversation topic is “Pastimes”. Imagine having a conversation about favorite pastimes with others. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re at a park and are talking about your favorite sports with your date. What would you say? What would your date say to you?
— You’re going on vacation and talking with your family about doing some things you enjoy. What would you say? What would you family say?
— You’re planning the weekend with your friends. You talk about favorite things to do. What would you say? What would your friends say?
Many people love their weekends, holidays, and vacations because they have a chance to enjoy their favorite pastimes. What pastimes would you like to enjoy?

Part 2: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Who doesn’t like weddings? Weddings are a wonderful occasion for family and friends to gather and celebrate the groom and the bride as they begin their marriage. Today’s conversation topic is “Weddings.” Imagine you’re having a conversation about weddings. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are a few suggestions:

— You’re at a wedding and you go to the table of the groom and bride and congratulate them on their marriage. What would you say? What would the groom and bride say to you?

— You are getting married and you’re talking with a wedding consultant about what you’d like for your wedding. What would you say to the wedding consultant? What would the wedding consultant say to you?

–You’re talking with your friends about weddings and getting married. What would you tell your friends? What would your friends tell you?

Weddings are often considered one of the few best times of one’s life. Do weddings make you happy? What was the last wedding you went to?

Part 3: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again. Finally, add a comment about what you learned from Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the comments section below.

Many people work hard to get something done and feel satisfied with their efforts. Today’s conversation topic is “Effort.” Imagine you’re in an English speaking country where you are having a conversation about effort. What would you say to others about effort? What would others say to you? Here are a few suggestions:
— Your car is being repaired. You have a conversation with the car mechanic about the time and effort needed to fix the car. What would you tell your car mechanic? What would your car mechanic tell you?
— Your friends want you to organize a barbeque party, but you’re concerned that it will take too much effort on your part. What would you tell your friends? What would your friends tell you?
— Your English teacher talks to you after class. He tells you that you’re smart, but that you’re not putting enough effort in learning English. What would you tell your teacher? What would your teacher tell you?
It is important to put a lot of effort in everything you do. When you put in the effort, you feel confident and satisfied that you did the best you could.

22 thoughts on “Lesson 1.10.2 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello, good afternoon.
    I’m going to write in future perfect tense, in order to use the week English Grammar.
    I will be at the park tomorrow with my date. By the time we talk each other, she will have asked about my favorite sports. I will have told her that Baseball is my favorite sport. She love the sports.
    The next week I will talk with my family about our vacation. By that moment they will have said me some things we will could enjoy on vacation. Certainly I will have told them my mom will come along and we will have planned every detail.
    I’m excited for the next weekend. After the day, my friends and I will have enjoyed our favorite things. We will have walked around the park and have played baseball.

  2. Mongi


    Thank you very much for this great lesson.

    My favorite pastime is the book reading. I love to read books because the book will remain my constant companion as long as I want. Besides, I could also discuss it’s events with my friends.

    My family decided to go on vacation.
    We talked about the budget to know how much money we need to spend during the vacation, then we discussed about the places we will visit during the vacation. We have to choose a destination that will be convenient for everyone.
    Our conversation includes also where we will stay, at a hotel or at a home rental. At last, we make sure that all the passports are up to date.

    I’m talking about marriage with my frinds. We found out that many people have fears about getting married to avoid the marriage fail. My friends told me that for most people the marriage is the pillar of how we do life and raise families.

    I’m getting married and the wedding consultant asked me for what kind of wedding I would like to have.
    – I want my wedding to be big and memorable.
    – Don’t worry. It can be small and memorable too. He said
    – you’re absolutely right.

    I and my friends are around a table drinking coffee and talking about effort. Our conversation leads us to find out that each one was determined to put a lot of effort to achieve his goals. Only the effort makes the difference

    Warm regards


  3. Hello,
    I am glad I made more effort to learn English, especially new vocabularies and I tried to use them as well as possible.
    Sometimes my children challenges me about my English pronunciation and it helps me to improve step by step.
    I thank you for this opportunity given to me to practice and improve my English.
    Thank you

  4. Hello.I’m Danijela from Serbia.
    Part 1. What is your favorite sport? I like play tennis. Oh great. I like tennis too. Near my building there are tennis courts. We can going to play tennis tomorrow. Great we will go.
    We going to vacation this week. Danijela yuo check it we’ve packed everything we need and you will confirm the tickets tomorrow. Ok I’ll do it.
    I’m so excite and looking forward to the vacation.
    – This weekend I and my friends going to the mountain Zlatibor.
    I looking forward we will enjoying the sun, beautiful area, the long walk and the delicious food.
    Part 2. Congratulations. I wish you a lot of love and oll the best in your life together. Thank you very much.
    -I want a little wedding in a beautiful place with lots of flowers.
    – I think wedding is beautiful life event. Yes, it’s very beautiful ans solemnly.
    Part 3. My car is repaired. Great. What was wrong whit them? I had to change the clutch and change two tires. Oh. Thank you very much.
    – Nex week we’ll organize a barbecue party. We must ti buy a lot of meat and drinks, and we must prepare a place for a party. Ok. We will have organized everything before a party start.
    – Danijela you must putting more effort in learning English. Your writing is bad and your vocabulary is not best. I study hard, but it’s hard for me because I’m beginner. But I’ll put more effort into making my English good. I hope that will be ok. Thank you teacher.
    Good lesson that olways makes me so happy.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  5. Hello. This is Wilber from Nicaragua.

    I am kind of a quiet person. So when it comes to pastimes I prefer things like watching movies, reading, listening to music, Taking a stroll with my daughter and my twin nieces to the park or having dinner at a small restaurant in my neighborhood. I don’t like to go to crowded or noisy places.

    Thank you.

  6. Hello teacher!
    Part 1
    -What is your sport?
    My favorite sport is basketball.
    I’ve been playing basketball since I was a kid.
    -Do you like watching basketball or just playing it?
    I like watching it. Playing it is also fun.
    -I’m a big fan of basketball too.
    -Whitch team is your favorite ?
    I don’t have a favorite team. I just watch all the games.

    -I want to go three places. Toskany rural, Paris, Greece.
    We have less than two weeks. We can’t do all in 2 weeks. Pick two places and do them justice.
    -Ok. Toscany rural and Paris. and food in these place is amazing.

    -Have you thought about what you might like to do this weekend?
    I have no idea. Do you have any idea?
    _ If the weather stays nice , I’d like to go the beach.
    -That would be a good choise.
    -Why don’t you come with me?
    -Hey, that would be perfect! What time are you leaving?
    -I think that Saturday morning around 8 would work out well.
    Part 2
    Congratulations. “-I wish you a happy life together!
    Thank you very much!

    -How much does a wedding consultant cost?
    -On average a wedding planner costs $ 18oo for a range of service packages.
    -I want to planning a simple wedding that is easier on the budget . I like a beautiful place with a lot flowers. Can you to realise it?
    -Yes, I can but you must to make a list of no more than 20 wedding guests.
    -Of course !Thank you!

    -I had a wedding with a few guests but it was very beautiful.
    Part 3
    -How time do it take to fix. -I need more than two hours to fix it . -Ok . Thank you!

    – We can to organize a barbecue party tomorrow but you should to help me. I need that you to buy of meat and drinks and I will prepare them .

    – Thank you teacher for your opinion ! -I will put more effort to becoming a excellent of English student .
    Thank you so much Maestro Sersea!

  7. Part 1:
    1.1 Pastimes.
    (My date) In my life, I always wanted to practice rhythmic gymnastics or swimming. these are fantastic and complete sports.
    (me) I always wanted to practice swimming as well, but soccer became my favorite sport and my passion. In fact, I played soccer at a high level and supplemented my training with swimming.

    1.2- Talking with my family about doing some things I like to do, on vacation.
    (me) Ohio is a state with wonderful possibilities, how about visiting? I thought Cleveland might be a good choice.
    (Mom) Sounds like a good idea. We can visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History.
    (Father) Humm, I’d like to go to the beach.
    (Brother) Cleveland has good beaches, like Edgewater Beach, Euclid Beach Park, Rocky River Park Beach, and so on. And we would go there in the summer.

    1.3- Planning the weekend with my friends.
    (friend 1) My parents have a cabin in the country, in front of a small lake with big trout and salmon. I think we can have a nice relaxing weekend there.
    (Friend 2) Oh my God, it doesn’t get any better than that, let’s go there right now!
    (Me) Discussion over, let’s pack our bags. We have to leave tomorrow morning.
    (Friend 3) Yes. Although we should buy some supplies before we leave.

    Part 2.
    2.1- At the bride and groom’s table
    (me) From my heart, I truly wish you a happier and fuller life together. Build a good family with God’s blessing.
    (the bride and groom) Amen, thank you very much for your wishes.
    (me) Don’t forget to visit us after your honeymoon.

    2.2- Talking with a Wedding Consultant
    (groom and bride) Good afternoon. We are getting married next month and would like your councils. What do you suggest us.
    (Consultant) Good afternoon. I first of all need to know in which religion you will get married, the Churchill and the place where you will celebrate the wedding

    2.3- Talking with my friends about weddings and marriage.
    (me) First of all, we have to understand that getting married is something very serious in our life. It changes everything.
    (Friends) Yes, it does, but if relationships don’t work, the solution is divorce.
    (Me) You should think not only about yourself. Wife and husband are one; then, your thoughts too. When you get married, whatever you want to do, so will your wife and vice versa. Don’t forget this, and add to this, love and respect. Then, you will be together forever. Just forget the divorce.

    PART 3. Efford
    3.1- My car is being repaired.
    (me) Good morning, sir. Have you detected what the problem with my car is?
    (Mechanic) Yes, of course I have. You can pick up your car the day after tomorrow morning.
    (me) Sir, it is very late for me, could you give me the car tomorrow afternoon, please? I have an engagement the day after tomorrow morning and I need my car ready.
    (mechanic) it is possible but the effort will be more to deliver it to you just in time, so I need to employ two assistant mechanics to do it and additional hours. So you must pay fifty percent more.

    3.2- Organizing a barbecue
    (me) You want me to organize this party, but it is too difficult for one person. If you want, I need at least three people to help me.
    (Friends) Okay. Let’s name an organizing committee. One member to buy the ingredients, another one to prepare the place before and after the party and the last one to make the barbecue.
    Each of these members can, in turn, ask for help.

    3.3- Talking to my teacher about my dedication to the English course.
    (Teacher) Well, Nelson. You have done a good job but you are way behind: five weeks out of fourteen. You need to increase your effort and catch up.
    (Me) Yes, Professor, you’re right. It is very difficult to do this course with only a cell phone. Fortunately all these limitations are changing. Now, after one year, I have internet services again. I will do it.
    (Teacher) Good news Nelson, I hope so.

  8. Hello teacher!,
    My favorite pastime is wached a movie with My childrens , Im a very kind peaple,I am glad I made more effort yo learn English ,for My is very importante this oportunity to improve My English,tank you so much

  9. Hello!

    Part 1: PASTIME
    1st. Conversation:

    – ME: What is your favorite sport?
    DATE: I love to play soccer, that’s my favorite sport.
    ME: I like it too,

    2nd. Conversation:

    – Me: Is time to enjoy my vacations, so, I wNt to go to the beach.
    – FAMILY: Terrific!, we are ready to go on vacation to the beach, let’s go.

    3rd. Conversation:

    – Ana: I would like to go fishing this weekend. Do you want to join me?
    – FRIENDS: Of course, that’s a good idea.

    Part 2:
    1st. Conversation:


    – I want to wish you all the best in the world in your marriage, I pray God, you always be happy.

    COUPLE: Thank you so much. We are really happy to see you.

    2nd. Conversation:

    Me: Hello Sir, I’m looking for someone help me to planning to decorate the room where I am going to enhance my wedding party.

    Wedding consultant: Hello, It’s It is a pleasure to serve you, tell me how you would like the decoration of the room?

    Me: I would like you give me good ideas.

    3rd. Conversation:

    Me: Do you think to married some time?.
    Friends: Yes, that’s our dream.
    Me: So we have to talk about a dream wedding, that’s one of our best events in our life.

    Part 3:

    1st. Conversation –

    – Me: Sir, I need you try to effort to repair my car as son as possible, because I have to go to work, and without my car I can’t move.

    – Mechanic: I am going to do my best, and it is possible to be ready in 4 hours.

    2nd. Conversation:

    Me: I know you would like I prepair a barbeque, and I really would like to make it, but I have a problem, I have to work for that date.
    Friends: okay, we understand, let’s plan this for another date.

    3rd. Conversation:

    Teacher: Ana, I want to tell you something, you always have to be a smart english student, but lately you look lazy, and your last resoults are very bad, so, I would like you effort to rise your score to get better results.

    Me: Thank you teacher, I really appreciate you let me know my attitude, I will try to effort to earn my degree and advance in learning English.

    Thank you Maestro Sersea

  10. Hello !
    Talking about wedding.
    I had a weeding last week. It was my friend’s wedding. I enjoyed the way they organized the ceremony. It was at the same place we did all. So after the official celebrating we got the couple to the place made for them. I saw the bride smiling all the time. She was really happy and so for the groom.
    We drank and ate the very expensive food. We danced the traditional dance of our local culture. Everyone was satisfied.
    I would want to make my wedding like them. At the very simple place with my family and friends.
    I don’t want to spend too much money. Because I want to travel with my wife to enjoy our new life far from here for a couple of weeks.

    1. My pastimes are: watching some movie on week-end, listening to musique, playing football and read some notes.

  11. Hello. I have listened to audio. But I can’t find the flag of my country in ordre to translate into my mother tongue.

  12. To make dialogues in different topics is a good idea to improve our English learning skills.
    Thanks for all of these…

    1. Hello!
      Today, I was learnt which were favorites pastimes, weddings and efforts. I read along with the videos. Actually I like to speak out loud. My pronunciation will be better than now. Thank you very much.

  13. Pastimes
    I enjoy cleaning my room as a favourite pastime. When I feel stress, I decorate my room to a new style that make me feel relaxed.
    Wedding is a special event in life because it makes gathering two people to live their lives with love, faithful and happiness. At a wedding, I go to the groom and bride and congratulate and make a wish to be healthy and wealthy both of your lives and having cuttie babies as you wish.
    Any matter can not get easily without effort. In the english class, I make efforts to study these english lessons. Doing english lessons every week, I think I have improvements regarding english usage, pronunciation and listening skill.

  14. in this lesson, I learn how I can make a dialogue about wedding parties or what do I do in my pastimes . the meaning of pastime is interesting for me. again I should admit that I learn a lot.

  15. Hello teacher! I enjoy this course and it helps me improving my expression and comprehension skills.
    Thank you!

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