Lesson 1.22.3 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 22, Lesson 1.22.3. Today we will work on your English conversation and reading skills. We begin dialogues 34-36 from our English course, American English Conversations 2. Designed for beginners, these dialogues help English Learners improve their comprehension and communication skills. You’re encouraged to read along and pronounce together with the video below. Once you finish, don’t forget to share what you’ve learned via the comments section below.

PART 1 — DIRECTIONS: Read the dialogues below in English, then translate them and read them in your primary language.

Dialogue 34 – Planning a Business Trip

  • Dave:      When shall I say that you will arrive?
  • Don:        Tell them that I plan to be there by tomorrow afternoon.
  • Dave:      Shall I have them make a hotel reservation for you?
  • Don:        No need. I made one last week by telephone.
  • Dave:      Do you plan to stay longer than three days?
  • Don:        I don’t think so. I can take care of all the necessary business in three days.
  • Dave:      Well, have a good trip.
  • Don:        Thank you.

Dialogue 35 — A Short Discussion

  • Rosalie:             Don’t forget, Jim and Adrian are coming over tonight.
  • Tracy:                 I thought they were coming next week.
  • Rosalie:             No. Tonight’s the night. I told you at least a half a dozen times!
  • Tracy:                 Well, I forgot.
  • Rosalie:             You forget all too easily if you ask me.
  • Tracy:                 Anyway, I’ve made other plans.
  • Rosalie:             Like what?
  • Tracy:                 I told Frank I’d help him work on his car.
  • Rosalie:             Then you’ll just have to tell him you can’t come!

Dialogue 36 — Family Squabble

  • Brother:             Come on! It’s time to go!
  • Sister:                Wait a minute! Just hold your horses! What’s your hurry, anyway?
  • Brother:             Well, I’ve got to stop and get gas in the car, first.
  • Sister:                That won’t take long.
  • Brother:             Well, it won’t if there’s no line at the pump.
  • Sister:                Well, I’m not quite ready.
  • Brother:            I’ll give you five more minutes, then I’m going on without you!
  • Sister:                You wouldn’t do a thing like that!
  • Brother:            Oh, yes I would!

PART 2 — DIRECTIONS: Watch, read-along, and pronounce with the video below a minimum of 2-3 times. After you finish, let us know what you learned via the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Lesson 1.22.3 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    I was practicing these dialogues several times and I improved my reading, pronunciation and vocabulary.
    Very good lesson.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  2. Hi everyone:
    New analysed words and expression:
    Shall vs will; …stay longer than; just hold yourhorses; that won’t take long.
    Thank Maestro.

  3. Hello!
    Today, I learned three conversations from learning videos. I read them along with the videos. I imagine that my pronunciation is being improved by reading them. Thank you very much, Sir!

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