Part 1: DIRECTIONS: Watch and pronounce with the video 2 or 3 times.

Part 2: DIRECTIONS: Practice pronunciation by reading aloud the following words and sentences.






He wants to dig a hole in the ground.

She is still beautiful after all these years.

He washed his feet.

The plant is green.

She has a happy feeling.

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7 thoughts on “American English Pronunciation #29: How to Pronounce: Difficult Vowel Sounds /I/ and /i/”
    1. Hello sir!
      It’s a good practicing of sound /I/ and /i/ it is difficult pronunciation because it is similar sound. It can be confuse each sound but now is OK after see your lesson.
      Thank you so much.

  1. Lesson 1.51.2 American English Pronunciation
    Lesson # 29
    How to pronounce: Difficult vowels / I / and /i /
    Dig , Pig , Fig, Big.
    Still, Nil, kick,
    Feeling, Meeting.
    No doubt it’s a difficult vowel sound. A lot of practice is needed.

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