Lesson 1.34.1 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 34, Lesson 1.34.1. Today we will work on your English Vocabulary. We begin with Dolch Sight Words English Vocabulary Nouns Lesson 9 of 9. Please follow the directions and do your best.

Part 1 – DIRECTIONS: Please watch the vocabulary video below two or three times:

Part 2 – Please read aloud the following words and sentences in English, then translate them and read them into your primary language using the translator on this page.

Dolch Sight Words English Vocabulary Nouns Lesson 8 of 9

time, top, toy, tree, watch, water, way, wind, window, wood

We don’t have a lot of time to finish our project.

How much time do you need to get ready?

Do you know what time it is?

When Marco got his first job, he felt like he was on top of the world.

The woman forgot her coffee on top of her car and drove away.

What is the top speed for this car?

The parents decided to go into the toy store to by their son a present.

The young boy liked to play with his toy plane.

What’s your favorite toy to play with?

The kids climbed up a tree and played hide and seek.

The tall tree fell down because of the strong winds.

There was a very old tree in the forest.

Let’s go watch a movie at the movie theater.

Do you like to watch television on a daily basis?

I suggest you watch and practice with my videos two or three times.

She was thirsty, so he brought her a tall glass of cool water.

Too many people prefer to drink soft drinks instead of water when they’re thirsty.

She was afraid to swim in the cold water.

Did you get lost, or do you know your way around?

Which way do I need to take to find the hotel?

The best way to learn English is to practice on a daily basis.

The strong wind could be heard throughout the house.

When you drive a large vehicle, the wind can have a big impact on your driving.

They got wind of the news from the radio.

The boy threw a stone and broke my window.

Open your bedroom window so you can have some fresh air.

Her window was open, so he began singing a serenade.

The dark wood floor looked excellent in the new house.

That expensive piano is made of the finest wood.

His baseball bat is made of wood.

Part 3 DIRECTIONS: Please watch the quiz video and do the quiz on your own paper. When you finish, let us know your quiz score in the comments section below.

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  1. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    In this lesson I improved my vocabulary and pronunciation.
    In the quiz my score was 10/10.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

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