President’s Day

On the third Monday of each February, Americans celebrate President’s Day. English Learners are encouraged to learn about this American holiday by reading and pronouncing along with the article and video. Don’t forget to share what you’ve learned by adding a constructive comment in the comments section below.

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    President’s day
    This federal holiday is called Washington Birthday and is celebrated the third Monday in February, some people think the day celebrate to all American presidents, Originally was celebrated since Febreary 22 1885.
    Although, there was no federal holiday for Abraham Lincoln many individual states celebrated Lincoln birthday on February 12, in some States both days are celebrated in commemoration to the two presidents. But it was until 1968 that the Congress passed the Uniform holiday act that fix to the third Monday as the official federal holiday, Since then many people assumed that the day celebrate to both presidents and many media and advertiser started to named it President’s day.
    George Washington was the first president of the United States of America born in February 22, 1732 in Virginia. He was known as a natural leader, due to his math interest was a successful surveyor, After the age of twenties started to serve in the army of King George III of England.
    When he was serving to the King started to grow up resentful due to unfair treatment of colonial soldiers and officers.
    By the late 1760 many Colonist began to want there to live under their own rule not under the rule of a far away king and its British Militia. They felt that the taxes, laws and punishment were unfair.
    -In 1773 Had place a local rebellion against high taxes, called The Boston Tea Party.
    -In 1774 Washington attended to his first Continental Congress, where he and other representative approved a trade boycott against of all the British goods.Britain lost its control over the colonies.
    -In 1775 He was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army.
    -On July 4, 1776 The Continental Congress Signed the declaration of Independence. But it would be seven years before that independence was won.
    -In 1783 George Washington led the inexperienced troop of the Continental Army against the British forces.
    -In 1787 He was elected president of the Continental Convention, a meeting of representatives from each state to draft a constitution for a new nation.
    -On April 30 1789 at the age of 57 was sworn into office. During his later year Washington remained active in politics.
    -The President Abraham Lincoln died On December 4,1799
    Abraham Lincoln is a virtual symbol of the American dream, He born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky spend his first seven-year, there.
    -In 1816 his family moved to Indiana an state where it wasn’t allowed the slavery. Abe’s father was opposed to slavery and he instilled the same belief to his Children.
    -In 1830 his family moved to Illinois, where he worked in a store in the Capital of Sprinfield.
    -In 1834 He was elected into the Illinois state legislature and began to study to become a lawyer.
    He received his license to practice law in 1836 and practiced the law all accross the states traveling in horseback or by buggy. Where He was well known by his abilities and honesty.
    -In 1847 He was elected into Congress, but his criticism of the then President Polk made him unpopular and returned to his law practice, was vehemently against slavery and faced controversial issues. A few years later the slavery had become a stronger issue and more people wanted abolish it. Lincoln joined to the republican a new political party that was opposed to slavery.
    -In 1858 the republicans nominated him for the Usa Senate.
    -In 1860 Hw was nominated by the republican party as its candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.
    In 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which stated that all person who had been slaves within the southern states were free. But also had place one of the most bloodiest civil war.
    On April 9, 1865 the civil war ended up.
    On April 14, 1865 Mr and Mrs. Lincoln were attended a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. An actor, John Wilkes Booth, who disagreed with Lincoln’s opinions stepped into the presidential box and shot the President, He died the following morning.
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