Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 24 Of 52

Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: Dear Penelope,

Life in Washington, D.C. is interesting. I see something new every day — like yesterday. Yesterday started like a usual work day.

Anna: I said, “Yesterday started like a usual work day.”

Anna’s voice: I was at work. And I wanted a break. So, I walked and walked … and walked. Then, I saw something! It was a festival — a big festival!

Anna: It is the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Anna’s voice: Yes. It was the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Every year the festival shows different cultures. This year one of the cultures was the Basque culture.

There was dancing and food and games!”

Anna: I am dancing a traditional Basque dance.

Anna’s voice: At the festival, I danced a traditional Basque dance!

Anna: They are cooking traditional Basque food.

Anna’s voice: They cooked a lot of traditional Basque food.

Anna: They are playing a game. It’s a kind of handball. What do they call it? They call it pilota!

Anna’s voice: They played a game with their hands and a small ball. It’s a kind of handball. But this game is called pilota.

Anna: This is beautiful! This is traditional Basque art.

Anna: They are making a traditional Basque ship. This festival is a lot of fun!

Anna’s voice: The whole day was a lot of fun!

Anna: Who said that? I want to write my friends and tell them about my day!

Anna: … So, I wanted to tell you about my day! Please, my friend, come visit Washington, D.C. soon. There is a lot to do! Until next time … Anna.

Part 4: Watch the “Yesterday Was Amazing!” Video Lesson

Hello, English Learners. What did you do yesterday? Today’s video lesson 24 is called “Yesterday Was Amazing!”. We encourage you to watch this video carefully several times and take notes on what you’ve learned. Finally, don’t forget to share with us what you learned via our comments section below.

Part 5 – Take the “Yesterday Was Amazing!” Lesson 24 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “Yesterday Was Amazing!” Lesson 24 Online Quiz

7 thoughts on “Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 24 Of 52

  1. Hello everyone,
    I swear that these lessons are very interesting if you wish learning English very well.

  2. Hello. I’m Danijela.
    Very interesting lesson.
    My score in the quiz was 6/6.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

  3. Hi, I got 6/6 in the quiz. I got many notes but at this moment I will try to focus on these ones:

    She is using a whatchamacallit to make part of a ship [to refer to a person or thing whose name one cannot recall, does not know, or does not wish to specify]

    Yesterday started like a usual(yoo·zhoo·uhl) work day. (It is interesting for me that we use “a” and not “an” before usual. I learned that this is because the pronunciation of usual sounds like a “y” at the begining.

    I want to tell my friend back in home about it.


    Wilber from Nicaragua.

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