Lesson 1.2.4 – English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 2, Lesson 1.2.4. Today we will work on your English vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, reading, and communication skills. We begin with Beginning English Video Lesson 2 of 52.

Directions: Please click on the link below to access Beginning English Video Lesson 2 of 52.

Click here: Beginning English Video Lesson 2 of 52: http://usaenglish.club/blog/2020/12/26/beginning-english-video-lessons-week-2-of-52/

22 thoughts on “Lesson 1.2.4 – English Lessons With Maestro Sersea”

  1. Hello, I am mongi

    This lesson 1.2.4 that focuses on the English vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension and reading skills is magnificent and beneficial, its contain is clear and easy what makes me getting all its English pronunciation video.

    Thanks for the advices that you provided to encourage us to continue learning English steadily.

  2. Hi teacher,
    In these lessons, I learned how to introduce new roommates or colleagues, How to tell my address in English and I scored 5 of 5 quizzes but someone wrote 10 of 10.
    Thank you, Maestro Sersea

  3. I get 5/5 . It is easy until now . But it ‘s go crescendo . I have no problem in comprehension or in reading and I feel that my prononciation is better . So thank you

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