Lesson 1.11.2 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea

Welcome to Year 1, Week 11, Lesson 1.11.2. Today we will work on your English listening and reading comprehension via 3 of our Conversation Topics for English Learners activities.

Part 1: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Hello English Learners! How do you start a conversation? Usually, conversations start with a greeting. Today’s conversation topic is “Greetings.” Imagine you’re traveling in the United States of America and you greet many people. What would you say? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re at a gas station and need to pay for gas. How would you greet the gas station attendant? How would the attendant respond?
— You’re meeting a friend for lunch. How would you greet your friend? How would your friend respond?
— You’re at a party, and someone introduces you to someone else. How would you greet that person? How would that person respond?
Greeting before asking is common courtesy. When you greet people properly, you are more likely to start a positive, long-lasting English conversation.

Part 2: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again.

Hi English Learners. How are you today. How do you usually communicate in the morning with others? Today’s conversation topic is “Early in the Morning”. Who do you usually speak with early in the morning? What do you usually talk about? Here are a few suggestions:
— It’s early in the morning and you’re in line at a local Starbucks to get your morning coffee and croissant. How would you greet the barista? How would the barista respond?
— You just woke up and walked into the kitchen. Your father is sitting down, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. How would you greet your father? How would he respond?
— You’re staying at a fancy hotel and wake up early morning. You want to ask the hotel clerk where is the exercise room. How would you ask the hotel clerk? What would the hotel clerk say?
Initiating a conversation during the early morning starts with a greeting. Knowing how to start a conversation in different situations during early morning hours is important.

Part 3: Directions: Watch the video, read the text below, then translate the text in your primary language and read it again. Finally, add a comment about what you learned from Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the comments section below.

Hello, English Learners! Sometimes we run out of food and we need to go shopping. Sometimes our car is out of gas, and we need to fill it up with gas. These are examples of daily needs. Imagine having conversations about daily needs. What would you say? What would others say? Here are a few examples:
— You’re driving down the street, and hear one of your tires explode. Luckily, you’re in front of a tire shop and you drive up to the service bay. What do you say to the tire shop mechanic? What does the mechanic say to you?
— You’re at home, and check your refrigerator. You’re shocked to see that your refrigerator is empty. What would you tell your family? What would your family tell you?
— You ran out of shampoo and went to the supermarket to buy your favorite brand. Unfortunately, you can’t find the shampoo you’re looking for. What would you say to the supermarket stocking clerk? What would the clerk say to you?
It always helps to make a shopping list of what you need to buy, so that you don’t run out of what you need. What are some things that you need to buy?

7 thoughts on “Lesson 1.11.2 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea”

  1. Mongi

    Good morning

    Thank you for everything

    This great lesson teaches me how to greet people everywhere I’meet.
    At the gas station after I greet the attendant I ask him that I want 4 gallons of gas. He told me I can pump myself and the pumps have a credit reader card.

    Last week I met my friend in the street. We greet each other and discussed about our daily activities then I asked him :
    – What do you think about lunch together?
    – That sounds great.

    Last month I was invited to a party and someone introcode me to someone else I greet him saYing :
    – I’m Mongi
    How are you? I don’the think we have met before.
    – HI Mongi. How are you? Nice to meet you.
    – Nice to meet you too.
    – How do you know Ali?
    – Oh, Ali and I work together at a company.

    To drink my morning coffee at a cafe.
    – good morning sir. Can I order a cup of coffee please.
    – Yes, of course.
    – and do you also have any strawberry cake?
    – Yes, we do
    – great, I would like a slice.

    In the early morning I find my father sitting down in the kitchen.
    – very good morning father
    I hope your morning is fresh and your day ever beautiful.
    I love you for alweays being there for me
    My father hugs me and told me, I’m proud of you.

    In the early morning I asked the hotel clerk for the exercise room.
    – good morning sir. Does your hotel have a fitness facility?
    – yes, we try to anticipate all our guests needs, including fitness.
    – I’m happy to hear that. Now, would you tell me where is it?
    – it’s just below the lobby. You can take the elevator or stairs.

    At the tire shop the mechanic told me to change the exploded tire because it was very used.

    Thank you so much

    Warm regards


  2. Good morning.
    I’m in a gas station and the attendant is acquaintances,
    Good morning Manuel. How are you today?
    Fine, Nelson, how are you?
    You know, I near ran out gas.

    I’m meeting a friend for lunch.
    Hello, Ana. How are you?
    Great, I’m very hungry. What about you?
    Me too.

    I’m at a party.
    Nelson, I want you to know a friend.
    Okay, let’s go.
    Nelson, this is Ana, Ana this is Nelson.
    Hello Ana, nice to meet you.
    Hi Nelson, nice to meet you too.

    I’m in line at a Starbuck.
    Good morning.
    Goor morning. What’s your order?
    A cup of hot chocolate and a sandwich number 2, please.
    Ready, something else?
    Not, thanks.

    I woke up and I arrived in the kitchen.
    Good morning Ma’.
    Good morning.
    Did you make coffee? I want a cup of coffee.
    Sure, there it is. I’m busy son.
    Oh! I’m sorry, that’s okay Ma’.

    I’m in a tire shop.
    Good morning friend.
    Good morning. May I help you?
    Yeah, my car explode a tire.
    Let’s see. We have the same model. It’s 24 dollars.
    That’s fine. Change it please.

    I’m at home and the fridge is empty.
    Hello love.
    The fridge ran out cheese, ham, butter.
    Yeah. It’s out of breakfast food.
    Okay, let’s go shopping, immediately.
    This was a good practice,

  3. Hello
    I am Albertine.
    Thank you for this good topics you shared with us.
    It helped me to improve my English listening, reading and comprehension skills. I tried to listern and read after the videos, and do it many times in order to make sure that I can listen and comprehend the conversations from different people.
    Thank you

  4. Hello, how are you English learners, in these lessons I learned how to greet someone in different situations. I also learned how is important to communicate early in the morning. Finally I learned it is important to check a few things in our house are missing or out working.

  5. Hello. I’m Danijela from Serbia.
    Part 1. – I would like to buy 20 l. a gas. Yes of course, it costs 20$. Thank you very much.
    -Oh welcome. I’m so glad to see you. You’ve finally came here. I’ve missed you. Oh , hello I’ve missed you too. We’ll have a nice day, we haven’t seen each other in a long time.
    – Hi Maya, I would like introduce you to my best friend. Maya this is Danijela. Danijela this is Maya. Nice to meet you Maya. Nice to meet you too Danijela.
    Part 2. – Hello. Good morning. I would like to order one cappuccino and one big croissant with chocolate. Yes of course. Is that oll? Yes Thank you.
    – Good morning dad. Good morning .Dad, do you would like another coffee? Yes, I would like another one. Thank you. I’ll make us coffe right away.
    -Good morning sir. Good morning mis. Can I help you? Do you have gym facilitis? Yes of course. Go down the stairs and turn right at the end of the corridor there is a gym and next to the gym there is small swimming pool. Thanks for your help.
    – Hello. Oh,please can you help me? My tire exploded in front of your store. Don’t worry mis. I’ll help you. I’ll be replacing your tire and everything will be ok. Thank you very much sir.
    – Oh, our refrigerator is empty. It’s true that I should be on diaet, but we’ll have to be going buy groceries right away. Ok ,lets goo. Wait. First we have to make shopping list. Ok
    – Please, can you help me? I can’t find my favorite brand shampoo. Do you have anything to recomeding for me? Yes of course. We have some brands whu is very quality.
    This is very good lesson that olways makes me very so happy.
    Thank you very much Maestro Sersea.

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