American English Pronunciation #15: How to Pronounce: /æ/ A Relaxed Sound

Part 1: DIRECTIONS: Watch and pronounce with the video 2 or 3 times.

Part 2: DIRECTIONS: Practice pronunciation by reading aloud the following words and sentences.






I ate an apple for lunch.

She has a cat at home.

I wear my hat everyday.

She lay flat on the floor.

I feel relaxed after I sleep.

6 thoughts on “American English Pronunciation #15: How to Pronounce: /æ/ A Relaxed Sound

  1. Lesson 1.37.2
    How to pronounce : / ae / A relaxed sound.
    Below are my words of relaxed sound : / ae /
    1 ) Bat : He bought a new bat .
    Bat : according to some sources, bat is the cause of corona virus.
    2 ) Lap : Baby were sleeping the lap of his mother.
    3 ) Happy : Merry Happy Christmas.
    4 ) Band : band played the national anthem.
    5 ) Bad : smoking is a bad habit .
    6 ) Mat : where is my prayer mat ?
    7 ) Flat : I need to change my car’s flat tyres
    8 ) Fat : Don’t eat too much , you will get fat .

    1. Hello teacher!
      I had practiced /x/ sound. The pronunciation with words like
      Apple, flat, hat, relax, bat…
      Thank you for your lesson.

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