American English Pronunciation #24: How to Pronounce: /ʊ/ vs. / u/

Part 1: DIRECTIONS: Watch and pronounce with the video 2 or 3 times.

Part 2: DIRECTIONS: Practice pronunciation by reading aloud the following words and sentences.

neighborhood — school

push — super

good — food

I live in a nice neighborhood.

I study at a good school.

Please don’t push me.

This movie was super.

I need to go shopping for food.

5 thoughts on “American English Pronunciation #24: How to Pronounce: /ʊ/ vs. / u/

  1. Good evening! I am Albertine
    Very interesting to learn the difference between the 2 vowels. Sometimes, I confused them but now, I will not
    Thank you

    1. Hello teacher ! I watched video twice time. In this lesson I learned new few.words like don’t push me ect. While I improved pronunciation. Thank yuo very much maestro sersea!

  2. Hi everyone
    At last, just the practice let us solve the difference between both vowel sounds
    Thank you Maestro

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