American English Pronunciation #27: How to Pronounce: /aʊ/ as in house

Part 1: DIRECTIONS: Watch and pronounce with the video 2 or 3 times.

Part 2: DIRECTIONS: Practice pronunciation by reading aloud the following words and sentences.







They went out to dinner.

Let’s walk around the park.

That car exhaust is loud!

I need to go home now.

She fell down the stairs.

8 thoughts on “American English Pronunciation #27: How to Pronounce: /aʊ/ as in house

  1. Hello English teacher!
    I learned how to pronounce the “au” sound with John Russell, and I tried to read loudly the words that contain the “au” sound five time and got used.
    Thank you for your help.

  2. Hi everyone
    Well, in this lesson we learned how to pronounce words with the vowel sound au.This has been great.
    Thank you Maestro

  3. Lesson 1,49.2
    How to pronounce : /au/ as in house
    Towel: I toweled myself dry.
    Out of bound, Don’t get yourself out of bounding.
    Shout: Why are you shouting at them?

    1. Dear teacher,
      It is a good practicing of the sound /au/ which was shown in some words such as out, vowel, loud, down, proud, how, about, trousers…
      Thank you for your lesson.

  4. Greetings Maestros
    I can heard the vowel sound au 5 times in the sentence, as in, now, vowel, sound, out, and loud.
    Thank you

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