Welcome to Year 1, Week 31, Lesson 1.31.4. Today we will work on your English vocabulary, pronunciation, comprehension, reading, and communication skills. We begin with Beginning English Video Lesson 31 of 52.

Directions: Please click on the link below to access Beginning English Video Lesson 31 of 52.

Click here: http://usaenglish.club/blog/2020/12/29/beginning-english-video-lessons-week-31-of-52/

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3 thoughts on “Lesson 1.31.4 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea”
  1. ” Take me out to the baseball game”
    Lesson 31 online quiz
    My score is 100%. I have answered 6 correct answers from total 6 questions.
    A very good exercise to enhance comprehensive skills.
    Thank you very much sir.

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