Welcome to Year 1, Week 50, Lesson 1.49.1. Today we will work on your English Vocabulary. We begin with Fry Sight Words English Vocabulary Review of 2nd and 3rd Hundred, Lessons 1-5. Please follow the directions and do your best.

Part 1 – Please read aloud the following word lists in English, then translate them and read them into your primary language using the translator on this page. For words you find difficult, use an English dictionary, such as www.dictionary.sersea.com to define them in the English language.

FRY WORDS – The Second Hundred Part 1

Over, new, sound, take, only, little, work, know, place, years, live, me, back, give, most, very, after, things, our, just

FRY WORDS – The Second Hundred Part 2

Say, great, where, help, through, much, before, line, right, too, means, old, any, same, tell, boy, follow, came, want, show

FRY WORDS – The Second Hundred Part 3

Set, put, end, does, another, well, large, must, big, even, such, because, turn, here, why, ask, went, men, read, need

FRY WORDS – The Second Hundred Part 4

Try, kind, hand, picture, again, change, off, play, spell, air, away, animal, house, point, page, letter, mother, answer, found, study

FRY WORDS – The Second Hundred Part 5

Name, good, sentence, man, think, also, around, form, three, small, land, different, home, us, move, still, learn, should, America, world


High, every, near, add, food, between, own, below, country, plant, last, school, father, keep, tree, never, start, city, earth, eyes

Fry’s The Third Hundred Part 2

Saw, left, don’t, few, while, along, might, close, something, seem, next, hard, open, example, begin, life, always, those, both, paper

Fry’s The Third Hundred Part 3

Important, until, children, side, feet, car, mile, night, walk, white, sea, began, grow, took, river, four, carry, state, once, book

Fry’s The Third Hundred Part 4

Miss, idea, enough, eat, face, watch, far, Indian, real, almost, let, above, girl, sometimes, mountains, cut, young, talk, soon, list

Fry’s The Third Hundred Part 5

Light, thought, head, under, story, together, got, group, often, run, hear, stop, without, second, late, song, being, leave, family, it’s

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6 thoughts on “Lesson 1.51.1 – American English Lessons With Maestro Sersea”
  1. Hey,
    Thank you for this practice that helped me to increase my vocabularies and use them in shorts sentences to improve my English skills .
    Thank you

  2. lesson 1.51.1
    I read all these words over and over again. I used them in my own sentences.
    It is a very good exercise and practice of making our English language fluent.
    Thank you ,Sir.

    1. Hello teacher!
      Thank you for your lesson 1.51.1. I read all these fry sight hundred words loudly again and again. I used them for making sentences.
      It is a very good exercise and practice vocabularies reading.
      Thank you.

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