Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 37 Of 52

Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: You know, I am from the country and sometimes I miss it. But I really like life in the city! I love the city. Oh, look. Someone lost a bag. Maybe it’s theirs. Excuse me. Is this bag yours?

Dr. Jill: No. It’s not mine. It might be hers.

Anna: Excuse me. Is this bag yours?

Sarah: No. It’s not mine. It might be his.

Anna: Thank you. Hello. Is this bag yours?

Phil: Yes, that’s mine. These are all my travel things. Thank you, thank you!

Anna: Are you okay? You seem … nervous.

Phil: Well, this is my first visit to Washington, D.C. I’m from a small town in the country. I feel a little lost.

Anna: I am from the country too! And I understand. When I first came here, I felt lost … all the time.

Phil: So, do you like living in the country or in the city?

Anna: I like to live in the city.

Phil: Why?

Anna: The city isexciting! It has more culture than the country. There are many museums and restaurants. Every night, there is theater and music. And, there are more jobs. That is why I’m here.

Phil: Well, I agree. There is more culture in the city and there might be more jobs. But the country has more nature! It’s peaceful and beautiful. There are more treesand mountains. The air is clean. You can go hiking and camping. The city is not beautiful. It’s noisy and dirty.

Anna: I disagree. I think all the different buildings are beautiful. And I like to watch all the different people.

Phil: That’s another thing that is different. People in the country are friendly. They always say “hello!” Here, no one says “hello.” I think city people are rude.

Anna: Well, I agree. Country people are friendly. But I don’t think city people are rude. I think they’re just busy.

Phil: That’s a good point.

Anna: Look at me. I live in the city and I said “hello” to you.

Phil: But you are from the country.

Anna: I have an idea. Let’s say “hello!” to people — to many people!

Phil: What? Why?

Anna: Well, if we say “hello,” maybe they will say “hello” to other people … Hello!

Phil: … and they will say “hello” to more people! That’s a great idea! I’m glad you found my bag.

Anna: Come on. Let’s go say “hello” to people.

Anna: We don’t have to agree with people. They have their opinions. We have ours. And as we like to say, you can always agree to disagree! Until next time…! Hello!

Part 4: Watch the “Let’s Agree to Disagree” Video Lesson

Hello Students! How are you today? Many people like to have discussions with others whether they agree, or disagree with what is being said. Today’s English video lesson 37 is called: “Let’s Agree to Disagree.” Please watch and pay close attention to this video in order to improve your basic English skills. Once you finish, share with us what you learned via the comments section below.

Part 5 – Take the “Let’s Agree to Disagree” Lesson 37 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “Let’s Agree to Disagree” Lesson 37 Online Quiz

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