Beginning English Video Lessons – Week 38 Of 52

Part 1 – Watch and practice along with this Speaking Practice Video

Part 2 – Watch and practice along with this Pronunciation Practice Video

Part 3 – Listen, read, and practice along with the audio player and dialogue below.

Anna: Hello! I have great news. My best friend from my hometown is coming here — to Washington, D.C.! I can’t wait to catch up with her! Oh! I gotta go. Her train arrives in 10 minutes!

Anna: Penelope!

Penelope: Anna! I am really happy to see you!

Anna: Me too! How was your trip?

Penelope: It was fine.

Anna: Let me help you with your bags.

Penelope: I’m really excited to be in Washington, D.C.! I can’t wait to hear about … everything!

Anna: I have so much to tell you. Let’s go to my apartment. We can talk over a hot cup of tea.

Penelope: I love your apartment building, Anna. Is your rent expensive?

Anna: Well, I have a roommate. So, we split the rent.

Penelope: Oh, that’s right. Is your roommate nice?

Anna: Marsha is the nicest person I know in this city. Sometimes she worries too much. And she says I’m the messiest cook she knows. But we are great roommates.

Penelope: So, Anna, is it hard to make friends in D.C.?

Anna: At first it was hard. But now, Marsha is a good friend. And there’s Pete. Of all the people I know in D.C., Pete is the most serious and alsothe silliest.

Penelope: He sounds … interesting.

Anna: Jonathan and Ashley are two other good friends of mine. In the city, they are the friendliest people I know. They always help me when I need it.

Penelope: Your friends sound great! So, tell me about your job.

Anna: I love my work! I make a children’s show called the “Time Traveling Treehouse.”

Penelope: Anna, that is the best job for you! Do you remember when we were little? We played in that old treehouse behind my family’s house for hours!

Anna: I forgot about that! We thought it really time traveled! It is really good to talk to you. New friends are good. But old friends are the best.

Penelope: I know. Our hometown isn’t the same now. You are not there.

Anna: No crying.No crying. Penelope, why don’t you move here and live with me and Marsha?

Penelope: Anna, I can’t leave our hometown. You forget — I love my job, too.

Anna: I didn’t forget. You are the most famous turkey farmer I know!

Penelope: Thanks, Anna.

Anna: Come on. Let’s go eat dinner at one of D.C.’s most famous restaurants.

Penelope: Awesome!

Anna: I have a great apartment. I love my work. And I have awesome friends. I am the luckiest woman in Washington, D.C.

(sound of thunder) Anna: Until next time?

Part 4: Watch the “She’s My Best Friend!” Video Lesson

English Learners! Do you have many friends? How many of your friends can you say are your best friends? Here’s English video lesson 38, “She’s My Best Friend!”. Please watch this video several times and share with us what you’ve learned via the comments section below.

Part 5 – Take the “She’s My Best Friend!” Lesson 38 Online Quiz

Click here: Take the “She’s My Best Friend!” Lesson 38 Online Quiz

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