Conversation Topics for English Learners: Recipes

Yes, we have to eat food to survive, but who doesn’t like food? What kind of food do you like to eat? Do you like to prepare your own meals? Today’s Conversation Topic for English Learners is “Recipes”. Do you know any cooking recipes you’d like to share? Imagine having a conversation in English discussing cooking recipes. What would you say? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re watching a cooking channel on television with your room mate. You see a show about a recipe you want to try. What would you say? What would your room mate say?
— You’re in the kitchen and don’t see any prepared food in the refrigerator. You ask your mother if you could work together on a baked chicken recipe she knows. What would you ask your mother? What would your mother respond?
— You are taking a cooking class because you need to learn how to cook your own meals. The teacher is a chef with lots of experience preparing food in restaurants. What would you ask your cooking teacher? What would your teacher respond?
Many people learn recipes from their families so they can cook them themselves. Some people learn new recipes from recipe books. Do you know many cooking recipes? Which ones?

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