Conversation Topics for English Learners: Taking a Vacation

If you were to have an all-paid vacation, where would you go? What would you do? Today’s Conversation Topic for English Learners is: “Taking a Vacation”. Imagine you’re having a conversation about vacations in English. What would you say? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re at work and you’re feeling tired. You’re thinking about getting a vacation so you could relax and reinvigorate. You decide to ask your boss for a vacation. What would you say to your boss? What would your boss say to you?
— You’re at home, talking with your family about organizing a family vacation to Cancun, Mexico. What would you tell your family? What would your family tell you?
— You’re on vacation at a mountain resort. There’s lots of snow and you’re planning to go skiing with your friends. What would you tell your friends? What would your friends tell you?
Vacations are wonderful experiences when you plan them and go to places you desire to visit. Where would you like to go on vacation?

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