Conversation Topics for English Learners: Weather

Most people talk about the weather. They either appreciate it, complain about it, or wonder when it might change. Today’s Conversation Topic for English Learners is “Weather”. Imagine you participate in different conversations in English about the weather. What would you say about the weather? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions:
— It’s raining heavily and you forgot an umbrella. You go into a store and ask to buy an umbrella and remark on the weather outside. What would you say? What would the store salesperson say?
— You’re at the beach, and laying in the sand. The sun is hot and you spark a conversation with a woman nearby about the hot weather. What would you say? How would the woman respond?
— You live in Florida, United States of America, and a police officer just knocked at your door and asked you to evacuate due to an upcoming hurricane. You are worried and share the news with your family. What would you tell your family? What would your family say?
Not all weather is dangerous, but it is important to always be aware of the weather where you live. Do you get your weather news from television, radio, or the internet?

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