Conversation Topics for English Learners: Early in the Morning

Hi English Learners. How are you today. How do you usually communicate in the morning with others? Today’s conversation topic is “Early in the Morning”. Who do you usually speak with early in the morning? What do you usually talk about? Here are a few suggestions:
— It’s early in the morning and you’re in line at a local Starbucks to get your morning coffee and croissant. How would you greet the barista? How would the barista respond?
— You just woke up and walked into the kitchen. Your father is sitting down, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. How would you greet your father? How would he respond?
— You’re staying at a fancy hotel and wake up early morning. You want to ask the hotel clerk where is the exercise room. How would you ask the hotel clerk? What would the hotel clerk say?
Initiating a conversation during the early morning starts with a greeting. Knowing how to start a conversation in different situations during early morning hours is important.

2 thoughts on “Conversation Topics for English Learners: Early in the Morning

  1. I consider myself as one of the lucky people, to get a chance to learn the English language with you for free.

    1. Eshetu,
      Thank you for your kind words and enthusiasm towards our English class.
      I hope you continue to enjoy and learn from the class.
      Best wishes,
      Maestro Sersea

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