Conversation Topics for English Learners: Greetings

Hello English Learners! How do you start a conversation? Usually, conversations start with a greeting. Today’s conversation topic is “Greetings.” Imagine you’re traveling in the United States of America and you greet many people. What would you say? What would others say? Here are a few suggestions:
— You’re at a gas station and need to pay for gas. How would you greet the gas station attendant? How would the attendant respond?
— You’re meeting a friend for lunch. How would you greet your friend? How would your friend respond?
— You’re at a party, and someone introduces you to someone else. How would you greet that person? How would that person respond?
Greeting before asking is common courtesy. When you greet people properly, you are more likely to start a positive, long-lasting English conversation.

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