Conversation Topics for English Learners: Sports

Many people are avid fans of sports. Whether you love Cricket in India, football in the United States of America, or hockey in Canada, you’re considered a sports fan. You don’t have to be a sports fan to participate in conversations in English about sports. Imagine what would you talk about in English with other English speakers on the subject of sports. Here are a few suggestions:
— You are at a basketball game and you want to know which teams are playing. What would you ask the person next to you? How would that person respond?
— You’re at a park and your friends are playing baseball. They need one extra player and ask you to play. What would you ask your friends? What would they tell you?
— You’re at home watching the Olympics with some friends. What would you talk about?
While not everyone may be a big fan of sports, it’s always helpful to be prepared to speak in English about the sports you enjoy or find interesting.

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  1. Hello M’ m beginner at these lessons of english but It’s very interesting lessons for me as learner. As well as I continue to do so, I think it will be better. Thank you sir! For your help us in those courses!

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