Conversation Topics for English Learners: Giving Your Opinion

Hello Students. I’m sure you’re often asked to share your opinion, but how often is that in the English language? Today’s topic for discussion is “Giving Your Opinion”. Here are a few suggestions:
— Your family asks you where to go on vacation this Summer and asks you to help them make a decision. What would you tell your family?
— Your room mate purchased some new furniture for the living room and is asking you for your opinion on where to put it. What would you tell your room mate? What would your room mate tell you?
— You’ve just finished watching a movie at the movie theater with your date. You’re asked to discuss and share your opinion about the movie. What would you tell your date? What would your date tell you?
It’s always advisable to be diplomatic when sharing your opinion with others. If we have to disagree with the opinions of others, we can do it in a calm, friendly way.

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