Conversation Topics for English Learners: Discussing the Economy

The stronger the economy a country has, the better quality of life its citizens have. Sooner or later, you’ll have to talk about the economy in English. Today’s conversation topic for English Learners is: “Discussing the Economy.” What would you talk with others about the economy? Here are a few examples:
— You’ve noticed inflation kicking in and the cost of things raising in all areas. What would say about this to your friends? What would your friends say to you?
— There’s been a report on a major loss of employment in your country and you’re talking with your professor about it. What would you tell your professor? What would your professor tell you?
— Credit has become quite difficult to get in your country. You’re talking with a bank loan officer about it. What would you tell the loan officer? What would the loan officer tell you?
It is important that you’re able to talk about the economy in the English language. What are some of the economic issues affecting your country right now?

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