Today’s conversation topic is “Family Squabble”, which means a noisy quarrel about a trivial matter or controversy. Imagine you’re in a family squabble. What would you talk about? What would your family say? Here are a few suggestions:
— Your sister complains that you’re taking too much time in the bathroom and she can’t use it when she needs to. What would you tell your sister? What would your sister tell you?
— You ate dinner but forgot to wash the dishes. What would you tell your upset mother? What would your mother tell you?
— You forgot to take the trash out after you were asked by your parents. What would your parents say? What would you say to your parents?
Sometimes a noisy quarrel can become a loud fight when people aren’t considerate of others. What would you do to deescalate a family squabble?

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  1. Thanks teacher for your education that you learns for us. But I would ask you to separate the text for us because the translation is confusing

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