Conversation Topics for English Learners: Running Errands

Hello students. Today’s conversation topic is “Running Errands”. When you have specific tasks to do for yourself or others, you are running errands. What would you say and do if you were to run some errands? Here are a few suggestions.
— Your boss calls you and asks you to pick up coffee from Starbucks and bring it to the office right away. What would you say to your boss? What would your boss say to you?
— Your sister called and asked you to pick up her wedding dress from the dry cleaners. What would you say to her sister? What would your sister tell you?
— You need to get your car fixed before you go on vacation. What would you say to the mechanic? What would the mechanic tell you?
It is quite common to be running errands for yourself and others everywhere in the world. Do you run many errands on a regular basis?

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