Conversation Topics for English Learners: Coincidences

We’re always surprised when coincidences happen. Sometimes when we least expect something to happen, it does, and we’re surprised. Imagine that a coincidence happens to you. What would you say in English? Here are some suggestions:
— You’re thinking about calling a colleague so you can study together for the test. Before you pick up the phone, your friend calls you. What would you say to your friend? What would your friend say to you?
— You’re at a store buying a present for your father. Suddenly, you see your father buying a shirt in your favorite color and you overhear him telling the cashier that it’s a present for you. What would you say to your father? What would your father say to you?
— You’re talking to your friends about a famous movie star that you haven’t seen in movies in a while. Suddenly, that same movie star walks right by you and asks you for directions to the nearby movie theater. What would you say to the movie star? What would the movie star say to you?
Life is full of pleasant surprises, and we should always prepare to be amazed. You never know when amazing coincidences will happen.

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