Conversation Topics for English Learners: Safety

You should always be careful to avoid accidents. You never know how badly you could get hurt in an accident. When you think about safety, you think about preventing accidents. Imagine you’re talking in English about safety. What would you say? What would others say to you? Here are some suggestions:

— You’ve just washed dishes, have wet hands, and are about to unplug your phone from the wall. Your mother says you could get electrocuted. What would you say? What would your mother say?

— You’re walking on the street texting on your phone, not paying attention where you’re going. Suddenly, a police officer stops you and gives you a ticket. What would you say to the police officer? What would the police officer say to you?

— You’re talking to your family of preparing for an earthquake and making a plan of action. What would you say to your family? What would your family say to you?

It is always important to be safe and to think of safety. It’s good to be prepared, and careful.

4 thoughts on “Conversation Topics for English Learners: Safety

  1. -Mom… don’t worry I dried my hands and I wearing my shoes.
    -Great, you are very careful.

    -Policeman I’m sorry, I was distracted.
    -ok I hope this fine serves as a lesson.

    -When all this over we going to travel for rest.
    -So, we can to choose for where will go?

  2. I am learning a lot from this and all previous conversations. For example the use of “would”


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